Sunday, September 27, 2009

Find Homestead Website Samples-Examples are Abundant Online

Click here to read a Homestead website builder review.
If you want to find a lot of homestead website examples here’s what to do to get a limitless samples supply. Select any subject like dogs. Then go to Google and type in the search box-dogs homestead. Now, when the search results return, look for domains that are sub domains of the Homestead hosting program. The URL will look like These types of URLs are where you can find limitless samples of Homestead websites.

The hosing company has two options supplied with every account for building websites. You may opt to use the pre-made templates or design your own style starting from a blank page. Once you have created a hosting account, free or paid, you will be able to select from a large assortment of templates. There are many examples of various websites that you can build. Actually, they have over two thousand templates to choose from.

PC recently selected the SiteBuilder as the editors choice for ease of use.
Here’s a brief quote from their website: “Our Editors' Choice winner for quick and easy web site building, makes designing polished, professional Web sites easier than any other place online.” Intuit/Homestead has even recognized this sites acknowledgement of their company on their template samples page.

I've personally been using the SiteBuilder to build websites with for several years now. I've found the hosting program to be very easy to use. You really can build a website fast once you have all the content materials ready and photos chosen. By signing up for the free trail, you can browse the many template samples and find one that suits your market niche on the Internet. The company offers over two thousand examples of website styles to choose from. The design possibilities are still limitless because you can create your own style by starting with a blank page.

Click here to read a Homestead website builder review.

If you new to website design using the SiteBuilder we have a free Homestead website ebook that we would like you to have.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make Money With Homestead Website-Distractions Hinder Progress Online

If you’re working on building an Internet business then you must learn that distractions will hinder the amount of progress that you make. It really takes discipline to make a sizable amount of money on the Internet.

Many techniques must be used like marketing a Homestead website with email

We also must take advantage of things that make developing products faster like ebook cover makers. Product development takes a lot of time. Having quality software to help is a necessity.

In fact, if you’re serious, you must treat your online passions as a business not as a hobby.

Here are a few ideas that may help.

1) Set a work schedule for building your Internet business.

2) Do not check your email during your work time unless it is actually a part of your business proceedings for your scheduled time.

3) Focus on one thing at a time. Have a dedicated period or even an entire day where all you are working on is building quality backlinks.

4) Set aside a time for writing articles to be submitted to article sites.

5) If you are using email marketing, then concentrate on developing your “follow up” messages. As a side note, I use Aweber for all of my email marketing.

6) Learning new techniques is a must. So, invest a block of work time in learning about new methods of generating income online.

7) Developing videos is time consuming, but necessary if you are going to compete in today’s online income stream. Set aside a day for only working on producing videos.

8) Have a time set aside for posting videos on various sites like Youtube, Revver, or Google video. Here's an SEO Homestead video that I produced and uploaded onto several websites like Myspace.

Homestead Website Help

Listen, nothing in life comes without much work except an inheritance. So, get busy. This one page I developed for Homestead Website Reviews took several hours to complete.

As you can tell, it’s all about managing your time on the Internet and using it in a productive manner. Distractions during working hours will lead you off on rabbit trails that will produce little income.

Treat your website and goals like a regular job and I guarantee you that you will see an increase in revenue.

More visitors will come to your website or blog and eventually you will enjoy an increase in free time due to the passive income that you have generated. Making money with your Intuit/Homestead website is going to take some effort, but the rewards will be worth it if you hang in there.

Don’t give up and try not to get too distracted, passive income is worth the initial effort. An online business can be extremely rewarding if you stay focused on your goals.

Homestead Website Help

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Making a Content Sandwich

There’s a trick that I learned from a Homestead user a couple of years ago about writing content. Have you ever joined any article communities like Ezine, Stock Vault or Article city? These are websites that you can copy content from, but you must give the authors credit and keep all anchor text links active.

If you understand how to apply SEO for Homestead websites, then using content from these free communities can be beneficial to you. This is where the idea of making a content sandwich comes in.

When you find a great piece of material from an article website, you can sandwich it between two pieces (or, “paragraphs”) of original text. If you optimize Homestead SiteBuilder pages well, then it’s possible to get top rankings with Google by creating your own title for the page.

Making a content sandwich is not something that I do on a regular basis because I really enjoy writing original content.

My experience, developed from working with other Homestead users, has shown me that many people do not like to write content. They do however desire to have a successful website.

Oftentimes, the clients that I train in using Intuits Homestead SiteBuilder program do not have additional money to pay someone to write articles for them. Making a content sandwich becomes a creative way for them to get enough material on the page for the search engines to pay attention to their website.

Homestead SiteBuilder Lift Off Keys

Creating a Homestead Website Mailing List

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Purpose Persistence Profits-Succeeding Online

There are two keys to achieving greater things on the Internet with your Homestead website. Without implementing purpose and persistence there will be few profits or rewards because there was little effort invested.

Purpose-Define what the purpose (or, "goal") of your website is and do everything that you can to see the vision fulfilled.

Set mini milestones that relate to the various goals that you have for your website success. Your goals should be obtainable. If you want more traffic, then write and publish more optimized content. Learn to optimize your website (seo homestead website)so you will get higher rankings with Google. Join Google Adwords and find a reputable product on the Internet that will teach you how to succeed with paid search techniques. Download the Homestead ebook from the Homestead Users website and learn how to get more traffic.

Persistence-Never giver up. Eventually you will reap a reward for your efforts. It's important to understand that most businesses take time to become established as reputable and trust worthy. Slow and steady growth is the way that most websites become deeply rooted on the Internet and firmly established.

Write many articles and publish them online, study website optimization (seo Homestead website)and Internet marketing techniques.

We can be profitable in many ways. Our sense of accomplishment will be determined by the goals that we have met. If you are trying to make money on the Internet the revenue will be the profit your seeking.

If your goal is to teach teenagers how to drive, by providing a free driving school online, then your profit will be measured differently.

Succeeding on the Internet with your Homestead website is going to take time. Define your purpose, adopt an attitude of persistence, and enjoy the profits that will come your way. Never give up, eventually you will reap a harvest from the efforts that you have sown online.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Writing Content Daily-Publishing for Success

If you write optimized content regularly, then success will be knocking on your Internet door. Setting publishing goals will greatly increase the amount of visitors that come to your website and also the revenue that your site generates.

The Homestead Users website has many products that can help you achieve greater success on the Internet. Also the developers of the site have a related blog which provides Homestead website help.

I made a commitment at the beginning of the year to publish one article a day for the cabinet repair website that I operate. In eight months, I have gone from zero visits a day to sometimes over four hundred.

What caused this type of traffic to come to my website? The answer is optimized content. Although, I have not been able to write an article a day, I have published close to two hundred pages of keyword rich content within a seven month period.

In a few short months, I have made several hundred dollars from this new website. Actually, it is a Wordpress blog that I host at Godaddy.

Writing content with success in mind requires that certain goals be set and accomplished. Daily mile stones that get met will add up to giant mountains of traffic and income with persistence.

Setting goals to write content on a daily basis will help you build a huge mountain of traffic and income over time, if you stick with it.

Article provided by Homestead Users for Homestead users .

Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Choose Keyword Phrases for a Homestead Website

Here is a great way to choose popular keyword phrases for your Homestead website that will be relevant to your niche topic. Go to Google and type in your first idea for a keyword phrase. You will see a menu drop down as you are entering the term in the search box.

The suggested phrases that drop-down are the most popular terms that are searched for on Google’s search engine.

Open up one of the search engine results pages that are displayed and then study the competition’s websites to see what it is that they are focusing on for their keyword phrases. Begin to write down phrases that you think someone would type into a search box to find your Homestead website.

Now begin to expand them by adding keyword modifiers. Use words like, best, fastest, most popular, men, and women to modify your keyword phrases. This is called creating a long tail keyword phrase. The more of these that you can create, the better your chances are of being found by people searching for information or services related to your niche.

As an example, if your niche market was centered around being a massage therapist, then keyword modifiers might be words that relate to the geographic location that you are located in, such as your city or state. Other modifiers could include genders and age groups such as teens, middle aged, senior citizens or youth that would expand your keyword phrases.

Taking time to choose good keyword phrases that are related to your niche will be the live flow that helps bring traffic to your site. Just think off it in terms of putting fuel in a car, the more you add to the tank the farther you will go. The same principle applies to the content that is put on your Homestead website, the more keyword phrases that you can focus on the better your chances of getting more visitors to your website.

Views About Homestead Websites

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Views About Homestead Websites

I have been using Intuit’s website builder for several years to build my sites with. So, how easy is the program to use? After reading this, you will see how user-friendly the web builder really is. These are just a few of my views.

Click here for my full review of Homestead websites

Point Click and Drag
The SiteBuilder can be referred to as a point. Click and drag system that is very easy to use. Inside the program there are drop-down menus that have many options to choose from. Once you’ve select an item, it appears on the screen.

If it is a text box, then it is just a matter of entering your text information. The boxes are movable by clicking on the left mouse over the object and holding the button down.

If you want to add a picture, then you can either browse your computer or upload one from the photo library. There are thousands of selections inside the homestead website builder.

Let me just say that I have tried many other web builders and non have been as easy to use as this one. They advertise that you can build a website in just minutes and that really is true, if you have all of your text already written.

Click here for Homestead websites testimonials

Among the many easy to use features you will discover that audio mp3s and Youtube videos can be added rather easily.

If you can copy and paste, then you shouldn’t have any problems with the Homestead websites builder.

You will find that there are many templates to choose from for many businesses and hobbies. If you would like to design your own web site from a blank page you can do that as well.

There are many packages to choose from for various budgets. You can purchase your domains and get domain privacy as well.

Click here for a full review of Homestead websites SiteBuilder

Everything you need is included in your Homestead account to get you started off in the right direction.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Homestead Website Design Templates-Why I Never Use Them

One thing I’ve never used is the Homestead website templates. The reason is because I like to be creative and design my own web site layouts. Although the Intuit/Homestead Company has a very large selection of professional templates to choose from, my experience has been that they limit the amount of things you can put on a page. When you try to expand the pages design, you loose the connection between the various layers that comprise the template. The Site Builder is easy to use, but trying to learn how to increase the size of the layout of a template page only leads to a frustrating experience. I had to learn this the hard way, through trial and error.

Because I have chosen to not use the built-in web site designs offered by Homestead, it has been necessary for me to make connections with other web design methods. One of the first programs that launched me into becoming more creative was Gimp. This is free photo editing software that is comparable to Photo Shop. It has its own learning curve attached to it, but there are videos and several articles available to help you learn how to create your own logos using layers. Get it at Gimp.

Creating your own Homestead website templates allows you to have more control over how large or long the pages can be. Once your first page is designed you can then just copy it for the other pages. If your objective is to get a good looking site up quickly, then use the built-in templates. If you’re not educated in working with photo editing programs or developing your own logo designs, then the pre-made templates that are available for Homestead website design are going to be your best options.
Homestead Users
Homestead Website Beginner

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Homestead Bulk Email Restrictions Solution- Aweber

Homestead temporarily suspended my email account because of the amount of subscribers that I was sending emails to on a daily basis. I did not know it but the restrictions on the account only allow users to send fifty emails at one time.

One of my lists for daily youth devotions had grown to over 3500 subscribers.

The compliance team for Homestead put the clamps down and I was forced to find a different email service to send out the mass mailings with every day.

What started out to be a headache turned into a blessing. I found Aweber!

If you have never heard of Aweber their system is amazing. You can send unlimited bulk emails and the beauty of it is that you can totally automate everything. This is a step up from what I had to contend with when I was using the Homestead newsletter system combined with H-mail.

With Aweber you create a form that you can embed on your Sitebuilder page using the HTML code that is created with your custom form selections. It’s very easy to do. When someone submits an email address they are automatically (instantly) sent an email that you have created. Then, you design follow up emails and choose when they will be sent after the first email that your subscriber opts in with.

In order to send bulk emails out to my list of subscribers with Homestead I had to login in everyday and create a new email and send it. This is a great feature that they provide to us, but because of the amount of emails that I send daily, finding Aweber is the best thing that could have happened to me.

I am grateful to the compliance team for placing restrictions on my account which forced me to find Aweber as a solution to the problem.

Article about the Homestead Users website
Homestead SiteBuilder Help

Friday, June 19, 2009


You must have a sitemap if you’re using the Homestead website, sitebuilder program. If you are not familiar with this feature, you can get a tutorial that will help you create, install and register one with Google through a free webmaster’s account.

The technique of adding one is very simple once you understand how it is to be done. It is really just a six step process.

1) Create a file
2) Create an XML sitemap
3) Upload it into your Sitebuilder
4) Register with Google for a webmaster’s account
5) Add a special code in the advanced section of the properties editor that they provide to you.
6) Verify your website and your done

Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to add a Sitemap to a Homestead Website

This is not anything that is included in your hosting account. It is something that is entirely separate and must be updated every time you make a new post on your site. When I was learning how to add a sitemap to my Homestead website, I asked one of the technical support professionals at the company and they informed me that it must be updated with every new post.

The purpose of the sitemap is basically what the name implies and by having one it makes it easier for Google to crawl or spider your website.

Homestead Users
Homestead Website Help
Ebook Increase Website Traffic

Friday, June 12, 2009

Can’t Download SiteBuilder Update-Possible Solution

Every once in a while Homestead updates the SiteBuilder program and we can’t publish a website page until we upgrade to the new configuration. But what should you do if you close the window and reopen it and it won’t download the new features? This recently happened to me and I have a few possible solutions to share with you.

What can be done when a Homestead SiteBuilder update won't load?
I discovered this first option by contacting tech support. After asking me several questions, the phone technician suggest that I open my SiteBuilder and click on the help tab at the top of the page. As the menu dropped down, I was directed to click on the selection that said, “Force Update.” This was the first solution that was attempted and it failed.
Awesome Video-Homestead Intuit User
Tip: Do not delete and download the program again before trying the next suggestion.

I tried to do the previous suggestion while I had the Homestead representative on the phone, when it failed I then asked, “what now?” He then proceeded to suggest that I go into my computer and under “add/remove programs,” delete the SiteBuilder that was installed on my PC. Then, he suggested that I download the program again.

Well, being a computer operator for some time now, I thought that there might be an easier solution. So, I asked him if he thought that if I restarted my computer and booted it up again if that would help. He replied, “Possibly, give it a try.”

I restarted my windows 2000 program, logged into my SiteBuilder and the new update began to download. Once it finished I opened the website page that I had previously been trying to publish and it worked. I can’t believe that I almost went through removing the program and reinstalling it. My suggestion had worked and a solution was accomplished.

Homestead E-Book

SiteBuilder Beginner
Deleting Homestead/SiteBuilder Page

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adding a Dropdown Menu to Homestead Website-Is this feature available?

Have you visited the official Homestead Blog? Would you like to add a dropdown navigation feature to your SiteBuilder website pages? Recently I decided to see if I could find out how to add this feature to my pages.

First off I discovered that many people would like to be able to just click a button and have the option of adding a menu that lists website pages in a main category that will drop whenever it is clicked on.

I found the answer or actually several questions about this topic as I was searching for a solution or an HTML code of something that would let me have this navigation feature on my site.

So this is the big question that seems to be a common thread in many of the comments listed at the Homestead blog, “when will this feature be added to the sitebuilder program?”

I guess by now you have figured out that a menu that drops with several links within a category is not available at this time from the Intuit Company.

Here is a link to post on Homestead’s Blog where the readers respond saying that they want a dropdown menu. The article is called, Add a New Page to Your Website. I think you will I find that we are not the only ones who want the company to create this feature.

One person that commented on this particular article said that Homestead Users have been asking for a dropdown menu for years.

Hopefully soon I can write an article or make a video that shows how to add a dropdown menu to a Homestead website. For now, it is not an available option from the Intuit Company.

If you’re like me, you love the ease of using the SiteBuilder to build websites. I’m hopeful that someday soon the designers at the company will respond to their customer’s requests and develop a drop menu that will work with a Homestead website. My guess is that they are already working on adding it, just because it’s such a popular request from Homestead Users.

So, there you have it I never found anything that explained how to add a menu that drops down to a SiteBuilder page.
SiteBuilder Statistics
Google Webmasters Homestead Website

Friday, June 5, 2009

Checking Your Statistics-Homestead’s Real Tracker Gives Accurate Stats

Did you know that you can find out how many visitors are coming to your Homestead website every day? Do you know that inside your main account you can access this feature and discover what keywords people are using to find your website pages? This service is provided with your Intuit/Homestead account. It is called Real Tracker and the best part is that the program is totally free.

Benefits of Using This Free Statistics System

  1. With this system you will be able to see how many people have visited your website on a specific day or days combined.

  2. You have options to view where your traffic came from, what pages they entered the website on, where they surfed while on your site and on which page they used to depart.

  3. It is possible to see the exact keywords that people used to find your website through the search engines. You will be able to tell if they came from Google, Yahoo or MSN.

  4. By clicking on the link provide, you will be taken the search engine results page that your visitor used to get to your Homestead/Intuit website. The actual page will have the keyword phrase entered in the search box when you get there.

  5. There are graphs and charts available that you can look at to see what the performance of your site has been like over several months.

The link to this Real Tracker statistics feature is found in your main account. Here is Homestead Websites Account Login link.

How to Get Homestead Website Statistics

  • Login to your main account page and click on “My Account” at the top left.

  • Use the menu at the top center of the page to select the website you want to study.

  • In the center column just below “Promote your site,” is a link that says “View Your Website Statistics,” click on it.

That’s all there is to it. Now just explore all of your options and get to know the Real Tracker functions really well. By checking your websites statistics you can learn how people are finding your Homestead site and focus on making changes to your pages so that you get more traffic from specific pages that are already performing well. Sometimes by just adding an s to a word or even taking one away your rankings with search engines can change.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Content That Grips the Reader

How can we grab the attention of our readers and keep them? Content that arrests the reader is possible but there are a few things that must be done.

Make sure to read these simple but powerful techniques. They have helped increase the amount of time visitors spend on my website/blog and they will help you as well.

These tips for composing your content help you will establish the kind of relationships that will bring your readers back for more.

1) You must have a title that grips the reader and provokes their curiosity.

2) Assure them that you are an expert and give a brief testimonial of how what you have to say has helped in your life. This will establish credibility. Keep these stories brief though.

3) List how your readers can benefit from what you’re explaining.

4) Appeal to the reader’s sense of discomfort. This can often be accomplished through asking questions. Here’s an example: Do you suffer from insomnia and your work and home life are affected from your lack of sleep?

5) Use bullets and numbering.

6) Use a photo that grips the visual senses to explore more of the article.

It’s recommended to keep paragraphs structured in two to three line sections. This will keep your post from having an overwhelming appearance.

Most readers have a tendency to skim the first line in a paragraph so get the point across quickly.

There are hundreds of ways to write content that will place a hold on your visitor’s intuitive side. An article that grips the reader’s attention will cause them to bookmark your website/blog and come back for more.

Keep your content simple, to the point and be assured that these techniques will increase the amount of time people spend on your website.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Making More With Adsense

Did you know that you can make more with your websites by researching a few things related to Adsense and your website’s niche? If you’re not familiar with keywords and the bidding process that takes place in the Adwords program, then this article is for you.

There are certain keywords that are worth a lot more than others. For instance, if you have a guitar website where the average payout might be around 10 cents per click for guitar related things, but if you start writing about owning a guitar store and what the insurance requirements are for that business, the insurance keywords pay much better than guitar related keywords.

If someone were making a search to see how much it costs for commercial business insurance for a guitar store and you have a related article with Google Adsense advertisements on it, there’s a good chance that you could make some serious money for an insurance advertisement getting clicked on.

So find a website that lists high paying keywords for Adsense and see if you can write a few articles for your niche that may pay a little better than what you’re getting. Making a better revenue show in your monthly earnings is going to take creativity and research.

Here are a few examples:
Auto Insurance Cabinet Business
Workers Comp Insurance Cabinet Company

Homestead User

Homestead Website Help

Friday, May 22, 2009

Twitter-Get Recognized by Google Page Rank

With all the buz about Twitter- how do we get high page rank? Is it related to the number of followers we have? Does the amount of people that we are following affect the search result placements of our pages? Does deep linking to posts have an affect upon the status of where we rank in the SERPS?

Recently, I’ve been following a very interesting post at Website Babble about Twitter Link Juice. The owner of the Forum posted a an interesting video on this subject that clarifies a lot of possible misconceptions about link building using Twitter.

According to Matt Cutts the only links that have any juice value for achieving better page rank are the ones pointing to your Twitter page and posts. He explains that Google views Twits like any other website in that quality back links affect page rank.

Incidentally, if you want to learn more about Google go to their Youtube channel, Google Webmaster Central Channel and watch an assortment of videos.

Getting recognized as an important site, in relation to back links, will increase the page rank of your Twitter page and individual twits- if the recognition comes from back links.

Homestead User

Homestead Website Help

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reduce (or, “compress”) Video Size - Homestead Website

I have had to reduce the size of several videos that I added to some Homestead website pages. You can learn to compress them by following the free video instructions provide in this article. The allowable size that can be uploaded into the SiteBuilder is 100 mega bites. So, what do you do with a large AVI video that you recorded using a screen recorder such as Cam Studio? Making the file size smaller is going to take a couple of hours of learning.
There’s a free program called Virtual Dub. Download it and then follow this tutorial from Youtube showing you How to Compress an AVI Video Using VirtualDub. How to Determine the Size of a Video FileRight click on the video icon and choose “properties” at the bottom of the menu. The file size will be abbreviated with MB for mega bites.

The process of compressing an AVI video, so that it is small enough to add to your SiteBuilder page, is going to take a while. I had an older computer, using a Penium three processor, and it took about one hour per one hundred mega bites. So a video that had a file size of 800MB took eight hours to reduce.

If the compression is done properly, the file size will be reduced to somewhere around eight to twelve mega bites for a video that is ten minutes long.
Videos recorded using the CabStudio recorder can be uploaded directly to Youtube usually without the necessity to compress the file size.

Recording videos to add to a Homestead website is a lot of fun. After you reduce a few it will become second nature. However, just like any other computer program the process of learning how to compress a video is going to take a while. You should be able to find everything that you need on the Internet. After a little trial and error you will be able to reduce the mega bites size of an AVI video with ease.

Videos usually take a couple of minutes to load and play on a Homestead/Intuit SiteBuilder web site page.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does Anyone Click on Top Page Banners

I see these 780 x 90 banners at the top of many blogs and websites constantly, I honestly cannot ever remember clicking on one of them, can you?

Do you think that they are unattractive or attractive? I suppose my answer would be unattractive. If they weren’t, I would have taken the time to click on them in the past three years of surfing the Internet.

Have you ever heard of banner blindness? I guess that the term defined means exactly what it implies; we don’t pay any attention to them unless they jump out of the flat screen and punch us in the nose.

The reason I am bringing this to our attention is because they are tacky looking and oftentimes rather irritating.

Have you seen the new flash type advertising banners that drop down over the menus at the top of the page? Isn’t it ridicules what lengths product marketing designers will go to in order to try to get our attention?

If you want to add advertising to your Homestead websites pages, either in the form of Adsense or Commissions Junction affiliate links, consider using the HTML codes provided for text ads. Surveys suggest that more people click on them anyway.

Now, I must admit that I have on one occasion been the victim of purchasing something from a banner advertisement, but the ad was located at the bottom of an article about how to make money with Adsense. It was the best purchase I ever made.

Before you decide to add an unattractive image advertisement at the top of your Homesteads website pages, stop and ask yourself this question: “have I ever clicked on a banner at the top of a website page?”

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Viewing Photos Homestead Site Builder File Manager

Here’s a video showing how to view photographs in the file manager of your homesteads Site Builder account. It gets really frustrating if you don’t know how to find pictures in the listing except by trying to click on them and view each one as it opens. This tutorial will have you viewing all of your photographs easily and quickly once you understand how the system works.

If you’re anything like me, you never change the file descriptions of the pics and you end up with a bunch of saved pics that have numbers for the descriptions in the file manager. Before I discovered this technique for viewing photos, I was irritated beyond belief every time that I would desire to delete unused photos from the listings.

Here’s how to view and delete photos that are in the file manager. At the top right hand side there is an option text box that says “listings.” Just click on the dropdown arrow and there is an option for “thumbnails.” Once you select the thumbnails option, then you will be able to view all of the pictures that you have stored on the Site Builder file manager.

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What’s New Google

Just wanted to share a great blog post that I discovered by Matt Cutts. I was wondering if anything new had been posted about Google this month.

So I did a search and discovered this awesome post that was made yesterday, May 18th, showing several new things that Google has incorporated into the search options.

Check it out here-The article is called, What was New at Searchology.

At the top of the Google search results page, on the left, they have included an optional link which says, Web show options.

Click on the link and see all of the new features there are to enhance the searchers experience when using Google.

Now we can find videos, forums and reviews that are related to our search terms very easily.

Among the new features we find the capabilities of finding the most recent results to our queries. There are even options for tracking down posts that were made in the past 24 hours, the past week or the past year.

These new features were very complex to integrate and yet the design remains true with the company’s reputation for designing simplistic web pages.

Review Homestead WebsitePlease participate and offer your open ions about using the SiteBuilder.

New video showing top ranking Google results and
explaining how to get them Homestead User

How to View Photos in Homesteads File Manager

Monday, May 18, 2009

Google Webmasters with Homestead Website

The way to get things set up is by first registering with Google for a free account. Learning how to set up a webmasters tools account that corresponds with your Homestead website be beneficial to your success? Did you know that this is a great way to improve upon the amount of visitors that you have coming to your web site?

Once your account has been configured you will see an icon for webmasters tools.

You will have to go through a verification process so that your site can be authenticated. This is done by entering a code in the advanced properties editor of your Homestead website site builder that they give you during the setup process.

The Benefits of Registering Your Website
There are many great statistics that are offered once Google begins to keep track of your website data. You can have the system provide statistics for several websites withing your account.

A Listing of Links
You will be able to determine how many external links (other websites) there are linking to your site.

What are Your Most Important Keywords
There is a list showing what keywords that they view as being important on your web site.

Where are you Ranking in the Search Results
Google will tell you what the top search queries are and where your sites average position is for particular search terms. This is extremely valuable for link building.

Discover Errors that Google Finds
If there are any errors with your Homestead Website the Google webmasters tools will display what errors that they have discovered. For instance if you have broken links they will inform you.

This is Where you Add your Sitemap
This is where you can tell Google about your sitemap. If you don’t have one this Homestead sitemap tutorial will help get you going in the right direction.

There are many benefits to setting up Google webmasters tools with a Homestead website. It’s not a difficult task to undertake and the results will certainly help you build your Internet business in a way that it can be more appealing to Google’s spiders.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twitter, what’s the Big Deal?

I’ve flown over to the Twitter tree and honestly don’t get it. What’s the big attraction that has people flocking to the website?

Here’s my take on it, people who sell affiliate products post links that point to whatever deal they are trying to sell.

Every person that decides to follow you (become your friend or join the flock) will have your comment’s show up on their Twitter page. So if you get 1,000,000 followers and you make a post every ten minutes, those will show up on your 1,000,000 follower’s pages every ten minutes.

Tip: Use an enticing picture for your profile. This will attract people to follow you.

It just appears that most of the people interacting on the network are posting links to their websites hoping that they will get more traffic. I have actually had twenty five visitors from the website in the past month. There is some value in getting a little traffic from there. When I combined the results with the fifty visitors that I had from Ezine Articles the benefits seemed better.

I can honestly say that I am not a daily participant with the social club, but I do drop in occasionally.

Here’s what I did to make my blog posts show on my friends Twitter pages. I went to a place called Twitter Feed and set things up so that every time I make a new blog post it automatically shows on my friends pages. I don’t have to go to the website at all, it’s an automatic feed.

Twitter SpammersEverything that starts out as a good thing eventually gets negative interaction from spammers. I clicked on a home improvement banner to follow them on Twitter and when I received a private message from them, they were only selling a product that would help you make money on Twitter. Deception will only increase as more and more affiliate marketers join in on the latest craze.

On another occasion, I decided to follow several people in another sector or niche. After I clicked on about ten people to follow, when I looked on my home page all ten had the same spammy message plastered on my home page. Grrr, I had to take time to delete each one.

So, if I had to sum things up, the big deal about Twitter is that you will get a few visitors and possibly be able to make a few dollars if they decide to purchase something from your website when they click on a link that you have posted. The more followers you get the more visitors that will find your website through clicking on your links.

Watch this video about Twitter, it sums it up nicely. The creators obviously dont' undetstand what's the big attraction either.
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Part 3 Optimizing Homestead Websites
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    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Getting Few Visitors-Need Help

    Need Cash?

    SOS! Is this your story? You built your website now your getting few visitors? I’m confident that you need HELP, don’t you? Well here are three steps that will get you going in the proper direction, I guarantee it.

    Step One

    Study SEO! Here is a great tool for learning SEO for Homesteads Site Builder users.
    It’s sad but true, many newbies don’t know what to do first, and therefore they fail because they design the website first without understanding how to optimize a Homestead website.

    What is SEO?
    There are certain things that you must do on your website and off of your pages that will almost guarantee you will get more visitors to your site. Learn how to do these things or you will not succeed.

    Step Two

    Keep a fresh stream of content flowing on your website. All of the articles that you write should be optimized by applying the correct SEO techniques to your writings.

    Step Three

    Be persistent and patient at the same time. It can take up to six months before you see any real increase. The Internet system of attracting visitors to a Homestead site is going to take a little while to understand and implement.

    As you apply what you’ve learned about increasing visitors to your niche time will be gracious toward your efforts and so will Google. Spend time in forums like Website Babble to learn more about the complexity/simplicity of increasing visitors.

    Increasing visitors to a Homestead website takes work. There’s nothing simple about it. It’s normal to need help when you first start learning about making websites as it relates to getting people to visit your site. Just keep studying all the things that you can find about increase as it relates to getting more visits.

    Homestead Users

    Seo Homestead

    Friday, May 1, 2009

    Overcoming Writers Block, Brain Storming With Google

    Need Cash?
    The two ways I overcome writers bock will help you break out of your rut. Once you begin to implement these suggestions, there’s going to be an increase in your article production.

    After writing over 60 articles for one of the niche websites that I own called Fix My Cabinet, I began to run short on things to write about. One day I decided to explore what some possibilities might be for article writing by using some of the tools that Google has provide for free.

    Using Google Suggest, found at, greatly enhanced my motivation for writing. When you type a term into the search box, Google will make suggestions in the form of a dropdown menu just below the search entry box.

    Here’s how I use it. Let’s say I want to write an article about wood cabinets. I would type in the search term and then, one letter at a time, add to the end of that term.

    Wood cabinets a
    Wood cabinets b

    What happens is the system then makes suggestions for the next word.

    Wood cabinets Alabama
    Wood cabinets Accessories

    Now I have a whole alphabet full of suggestions to write about that are related to my niche. Just be careful to not become so intrigued with it that you don’t get some writing accomplished.

    Another great tool that I often use is the Adwords keyword finder. By typing in a search term, the system yields results that will show you what the most popular searches are on the Internet related to the term you entered into the box. There are thousands of suggestions to sift through in search of something interesting to write about.

    Both of these methods work great for me to overcome writers block. It’s like brain storming with Google. If you apply these methods of discovery you will be overcoming the type pad lock up too!
    Pay Per Action Affiliate Money maker
    Homestead SiteBuilder Lift off Keys
    Internet Marketers Growing Pains
    Homestead Website Help

    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    Excellent Pay Per Action Affiliate Money Maker

    After reading this article, you will be interested in pay per action affiliate marketing. I'm about to share with you one of my top money makers of all time in the pay per action arena of making money online. Here is one of the all powerful attractive links that lures them in for the sale.

    Don't wait for the weekend. Meet someone tonight!
    Free to Email, Free Profile, Just one Click away.

    The company pays a generous commission every time some one registers for a free trial. That is what is refereed to as a "pay per action" affiliate commission. That's what makes this one such an excellent way to make money online.

    You see there are no credit cards necessary to sign up and the entire process is virtually painless to the end user. So, if you want to make a few dollars on the Internet, look for excellent affiliate companies to be associated with who have "pay per action" commissions structures. Sign-up and give them a try for free before you decide to promote and you'll see that I am telling the truth.

    Homestead Website Help

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Homestead Site Builder Lift Off Keys

    In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to share three of the most important keys you need to use in order to get your Homestead/SiteBuilder website going in the right direction. If you want to know how to get from zero to 500 visitors a day, take notes because I’m going to give you three keys that will help lead you towards the success you desire to have.

    Answer these questions…

    1) Are you getting little or no traffic at all to your Homestead Site Builder site?
    2) Did you think if you would build a website, then people would automatically find you?
    3) Are you discouraged over the results of your efforts?

    Soon after I built my first website, my answers to all three of those questions were yes. Here’s how you can start to turn things around like I did when I went from very few to over 500 current visitors a day.

    It’s going to take concentrated effort, patience and persistence on your part though. Don’t lose the dream or get discouraged. Eventually, you will have loads of traffic and be making a lot more money than you are now.

    Key #1 SEO or Search Engine Optimization

    If you have already built your website, before understanding how to apply proper SEO to your site, you’re going to need to make some serious changes. The SEO Extreme Video Series will show you exactly what you need to do in the SiteBuilder in order to get your pages optimized to achieve better search engine results.

    Getting top placements with Google is going to involve knowing how to make your website more appealing to their system. The SEO Extreme video series will teach you many techniques that I used to increase my visitors from 20 people a day to 0ver 500 per day. I did this within a two year period.

    Key #2 Your Front Page is The Most Important

    Website beginners don’t understand the importance of having a generous amount of content on the first page of their website. This is so critical to achieving success on the Internet. Not just any type of content though, it must be original content that is optimized properly. Your most important topics, related to your niche, need to be addressed on the front page in explicit detail.

    Key #3 Build an Email/Newsletter List

    Learn how to implement the newsletter features that Homestead provides with your account. This is a great way to keep people coming back to your website and also a great way to increase visitors regularly.

    I discuss this technique in my free ebook, Ways to Increase Traffic to a Homestead Website.

    Watch this video. It will be helpful as well. It is called, Adding a Newsletter to Homestead Website.

    Here's a helpful blog post on the subject as well. Creating a Homestead Mailing List

    There are many tips that will help you increase visitors and revenue on the World Wide Web. We provide outstanding information in the Homestead Users Marketing Center that will help you achieve a higher level of success in your niche. I cannot stress to you enough about the importance of understanding how to use SEO with your Homestead website. So, learn how to optimize your pages properly, read the Thirty Ways to Increase Traffic ebook, and get started creating something that people will want to opt into a newsletter/email mailing list for. What are you waiting for get started now with any of these resources.

    SEO Homestead Website
    Homestead Users Marketing Center

    Thirty Ways to Increase Traffic
    Creating a Homestead Mailing List

    Homestead Website Help

    Monday, April 27, 2009

    Internet Marketers Growing Pains

    I am discovering that as an Internet marketer there are many growing pains which accompany the dreams of online success. Large companies such as Amazon, Homestead, or Google that we depend upon to promote our products, sometimes make changes which affect us in negative ways. The same is true of positive reinforcement relating to our products through changes that these corporations make.

    Issues of Control

    Every day the bank account is increasing as the Paypal sales rise, the Adsense earnings climb and the affiliate banners convert. One of the biggest issues an Internet marketer deals with is that of not having much control over the surprise of an unexpected email saying that your account has been suspended because you have stretched the guidelines too far.

    I recently learned that Ben Hart, an expert at teaching Google Adwords techniques, had his Adwords campaigns, suddenly and totally stopped by the compliance team. Thousands of dollars instantly began to diminish as thousands of advertisements stopped converting sales for his company. What a shock that would be to discover an email saying that your source of income has just been cut off.

    Would you freak out?

    In the past couple of months, Joel Comm has had his share of challenges as well. One of his recent blog posts gave great detail about what suddenly happened when his Facebook account was terminated. Just this week Amazon sent him a notice that his account was on suspension for stretching the guidelines, as well.

    I had a good friend of mine that invested thousands of hours into setting up Google Adsense on many websites, only to awaken to the alarming news that his account was frozen for one reason or another. He threw in the towel without giving me any details.

    I too have recently been the victim of being under the control of a large Internet service provider who made changes to my account. After building a huge email list and sending out mass emails exceeding 3000 pepople every day, my service provider sent me an email saying that someone had sent in a spam complaint, so my account was suspended. But to take it to a higher level, they also informed me that I was violating the terms of use for their email system by sending so many letters out everyday.

    Internet Marketers Need to Read The Rules

    In each of the above cases, somewhere in the guidelines of these large companies an Internet marketer needed to read and understand the rules and abide by them. In my case, I had no idea that there were limits placed on the number of emails that I could send in a certain period of time. Why, because I had never read the parameters that the company had me agree to when I chose to use them.

    Ben Hart has since gotten his Adwords account going again. He contacted Google and is being given another chance because he is willing to work on Google's terms. From what I understand about Joel Comm, he got his Facebook account reinstated and the issue with Amazon is in its infant stages. Those are just a few of the many Internet marketers issues that I am aware of related to having business growing pains. With one or two clicks of a mouse these large companies can exert control over our websites. We must read and understand the rules set in place for Internet marketers if we want to have a certain amount of control over our success.

    Creating Links in Homestead's Email
    Intuit Websites Affiliate Program
    Design Clean and Simple Web Pages

    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    Active Links in Homestead Hmail Email

    Learning how to make (or,"create") active links that can be clicked in the Homestead Hmail email system will provide convenience for your recipients. I personally have found that this feature is quick and easy to apply to my newsletters. By creating a URL that is connected to my websites, inside my emails, hundreds of visitors are brought to my pages with one click.

    Creating Links in a Homestead Email Account

    I have tried repeatedly to formulate an active text link and in the process have discovered that creating links with anchor text in Homesteads email is not possible. Here is the method that I did discover which works for making a URL click-able.

    1) Login into your Hmail account.
    2) Click on "New" this will open the window where you compose the email.
    3) Click on "options" at the top of the page, to the right of the menu bar.
    4) Select "Format As HTML."
    5) Your link must be written like this Place the cursor at the right end of the URL and hit the space bar once. This will activate the URL and make it a click-able link.

    There is not anyway to make an active anchor text link inside the Hmail system. You will only be able to make a URL click-able in the Homestead email account.

    Add Youtube Videos to Homestead
    Intuit Websites Affiliate Program
    Designing Pages
    Design Clean,Simple Website Pages
    Making Changes Homestead Website

    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    Using Video to Promote Your Website

    So, are you using video technology to promote your niche and increase visitors to your website? If you're not then your missing out on a great way to drive people to your site. Ways of increasing visitors to our websites are constantly changing.

    Youtube is considered the second largest search engine on the World Wide Web. That should tell us something right there. Where do you go to find information about how to do something? I often login to Youtube to find information. Recently, I did a search for videos about Lasik Eye and also how to build cabinets. I found everything I needed to know within moments.
    Have you noticed that videos are in the top of the results pages in Google's findings often? So, not only do we get traffic from Youtube, but we also get top placements with Google. The benefits are double when it comes to having better exposure on the Internet.

    I recently watched a video from one of Youtubes staff members. They said that the title of the video is what is the most important to the search engines. If your keyword phrase is in the title, your chances of success are good.

    Always use the more info section to give a brief description of the video and include a link to your website. The link must be written this way, It should also be at the top of the paragraph.

    The Homestead Users Marketing Center is loaded with many beneficial tools that will help you increase visitors. One of which is a link to a free screen recorder download. This is the same one that I use to produce the video tutorials on Youtube about Homestead Websites.

    Using videos to drive people to your website is a powerful way to build trust as well. It gives us all an opportunity to judge the character of the individuals who are behind the scenes.

    Here is one of the tutorials we have on how to Add Youtube Videos to a Homestead Website.

    Secret Classroom

    Homestead Users Videos

    Friday, April 24, 2009

    Someone Stole My Content

    I see this every now and again in blogs and forums,"someone stole my content." I'm so tired of crooks ripping me off. Many of the articles and videos that I have labored to produce have been taken by lazy, lowlifes who are looking for an easy buck. The websites where the thieves place our materials, without permission, are loaded with affiliate links and banners. They do this just to make an easy buck.

    As I have progressed at getting top rankings with the search engines, because of the implementing techniques found in the SEO Extreme Video Series, there has been an increase in this type of activity. The content and video thieves know outstanding materials will bring traffic to their sites.

    Not long ago someone stole one of my articles and got number one placement on Google for many keyword phrases. I had invested several hours into this particular writing. I also put a few dollars out and paid someone to edit it for me. This post that I launched had value attached to it.

    When I discovered the blog where the thief had placed my perfectly optimized article, I went after them like Rambo or the Terminator. Because of the continual pressure that I was forced to apply, they eventually removed the article from their site.

    Enforcing Internet standards on behalf of our own materials take loads of time. I don't pursue correcting every act where someone invades my space and steals materials that I have produced. I do however occasionally get focused on these online pirates enough to take them down with persistence.

    This incident was not the first time someone stole something that I published onto the Internet and I'm sure it won't be the last. There was a certain amount of satisfaction that came with the victory. It always feels better to make a stand for what we know to be right rather than ignore the obvious law breakers. We are responsible to police our materials and protect them. If someone is stealing from us, it's our position to enforce proper Internet standards on our own behalf.

    Has someone stolen from you online?

    Homestead Users Videos

    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Intuit Websites Affiliate Program

    I just noticed that Intuit websites has set up an affiliate program with Commissions Junction. From what I understand, they are offering a nice pay per action commission. It's well worth looking into. Intuit acquired Homestead some time ago. Linkshare handles a nice commissions payout for selling a Homestead website. If your interested in signing-up go to Commissions Junction.

    Check out my new Wordpress blog Fix My Cabinet
    Homestead Users Videos

    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    What's Google Doing In May? Avoid Getting Slapped

    This is going to be a huge crackdown on scams and spam. So, what's Google doing in May? They have to clean up the Internet so that the search engines will deliver websites with quality content. If you look at the Internet world like the natural world that we live in, regulations must be set into place and inforced. So, I guess that we could look at the giant company as the government of the Internet community.

    Pay attention so you can avoid the "Google Salp In May."

    We are going to see some Internet changes happening in the next couple of months. The intent of what is happening in a few months is going to be for the good of the online world. During a recent conference call, hosted by Ben Hart, he suggested that 90% of the stuff on the Internet is garbage.

    When we go to a search engine and type in a term, we want to find quality websites in the top of the results pages. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. So, when May comes around it's time to get a few things cleaned up. There are too many websites bending the rules and way too many sites that are all about posting advertisements and making money.

    Think about it this way. If every subdivision and neighborhood was plastered with giant advertisements and billboards the world would be really tackey and distasteful looking. Well, Google doesn't want the Internet to be tackey and distasteful to searchers eye in the Interenet world.

    Apparently, this is a normal procedure for this giant billion dollar company though. A couple of years ago, many Internet businesses were effected by changes that were made to get things cleaned up. According to Ben, these were million dollar makers, who in an instant were negatively effected by the changes that were made to the results that were displayed when people did a search. Sites that were at the top making millions of dollars, off of free traffic, were plunged because they did not meet the Internet standards that were being enforced by this mega giant search engine.

    So in May the goal is to stamp out fraudulent sites that are not producing a quality experience for their customers. Google's real customers are people doing searches. If the search results are not quality websites, in the top positions then Google begins to fail because people won't use them. Basically, if their search program stinks, then people won't use them.

    There are going to be human eyes, Google's employees, looking at all of the Adwords advertisements and landing pages. Staff members will be reviewing the top sites in the search results to determine if they are in line with the companies guidelines. The websites ranking in top positions are going to have to be nice looking, in other words, they cannot be messy looking websites. If they are they will be removed from the top rankings. The staff will be looking to see if your website is actually adding value to the searcher.

    Types of businesses that will be slammed or slapped in May

    People collecting email addresses without a privacy policy are in danger of being slammed. From what I understand, sites that have squeeze pages will be hurdled hundreds of pages back in the results. In other words, people whose primary purpose is to collect an email address are in huge danger of getting slapped. Sites that are offering free products that are not their own, just for the purpose of collecting email address, will be hit with a negative effect.

    Duplicate content sites are going to get slammed. You know the ones I'm talking about, they create websites that are all duplicate content from article sites and very little of the content, if none at all, is really original.

    Get rich quick claims will be slammed in May.

    Diet sites and health sites that are promising the moon and making false claims are in danger of loosing top placements.

    MLM (or, “multi level marketing”) business models are in real danger. Not the mega MLMs like Market America or Shacklee. But the ones who are set up soley for the purpose of feeding off of one another to make money are going to get hammered.

    Websites created specifically to sell other people's products are going to be in danger. These are affiliate sites.

    Hidden links will be something that will affect how a website ranks. This type of practice has been considered black hat in the Internet world for a while now.

    Keyword stuffing will negatively effect rankings.

    Business that collect leads for other businesses will get shut down. You've seen the sites where you may win prizes in exchange for your email addresses. Once they collect your email, then it gets sold to other businesses. These are the types of websites that will not survive this upcoming Internet clean-up operation.

    Survey Sites that are really only a bunch of affiliate links are going to be removed from the top of the results pages.

    “Submit site services” will be cracked down on. These are websites that promise to submit your website to the search engines in exchange for money, when in reality you can submit them for free yourself.

    Complete contact information on your website or blog is going to be something that affects your status.
    Google wants people to know who you are if your selling something, especially if Adsense advertisements are on your website. Legitimate business don't hide their contact information.

    A customer service area is going to be a valuable thing to have on your site. Here again, every legitimate business has a service area or customer support team, so our sites will need them too.

    These are just a few of the hundreds if not thousands of things that Google will be looking at on our websites. Make adjustments now so you can avoid being slapped in May. It's time to clean up the debris and clutter online. No one likes to hang out in a place where there is a bunch of garbage. So that's just a taste of what Google's doing in May.

    SiteBuilder Newbies
    part 1-Making Changes
    part 2-Designing Pages
    part 3-Different Browsers
    part-4 Design Clean and Simple Website Pages

    Design Clean and Simple Website Pages part-4

    Does it irritate you when you go to a website and the pages are far from being clean and simple? Do overcrowded pages make you want to exit or stay on the website? Have you taken a good look at Google's pages compared to Yahoo's site?

    Take a look and I think you will see what I mean. Google has the value of simplicity figured out when it comes to website pages.

    Nothing irritates me more than going to a website and there are hundreds of things flashing, spinning, flipping and jumping in an attempt to get my attention. I like to be able to find what I am looking for quickly.

    Usually if I can't find something that relates to the title of what I was searching for on the page within a few seconds, I exit. The chances of me ever searching that site again are slim because of my first impression.

    It's also good to plan what is going to be on your site by categories and sub categories. For instance, if your site is about automobiles, you may have a sub categories for trucks, sports cars, or luxury vehicles. Then, the next option would be brand names such as Ford, Lexis or Porsche.

    Here's a quick reference of things to consider when designing your Homestead website.

    1) Keep pages free from too much clutter
    2) Create easy to follow navigation paths
    3) Avoid using flashing, spinning, scrolling and bouncing things on your website pages.
    4) Do not insert too many advertisements
    5) Keep your content in short paragraphs so people can quickly scan the page looking for what they are trying to find, or learn.
    6) You only get one first impression, make it count.
    7) Don't just build but plan your websites pages and layout carefully

    If we can keep these simple things in mind, when desiging our Homestead website, more visitors will stay on our site longer. When the pages are clean of clutter, have an easy navigation systen to follow, and the content is worth reading visitors will not bounce off of the site immediately. A simple design with interesting content will keep your visitors coming back for more.
    SiteBuilder Newbies
    part 1-Making Changes
    part 2-Designing Pages
    part 3-Different Browsers
    part-4 Design Clean and Simple Website Pages

    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    Different Browsers-part 3

    Your Homestead website pages need to be checked to see what they look like in different browsers. Internet Explorer and Firefox are the two main web page viewers that people use. The reason that you must do this is because your pages “will” look different when viewed with Fire Fox if your building your site using IE.

    The Site Builder feature that usually creates difficulty is the HTML insert. It is used for adding Youtube Videos, Adsense, Affiliate Banners or anything that is written in HTML or Java Script. Usually, the insert box will be about 1/2” lower when viewed with Fire Fox in comparison to what it will look like in Internet explorier.

    How to check your Homestead website in different browsers. Go to a website called Browser Shots and join. It is totally free to become a member. If you skip signing up and just start using the service, you will eventually have to join because you are only allowed so many "browser shots" in a secession. When you are a member, you can view as many websites that you want in a day. This is the easiest and fastest way to check a Homestead websites look in various browsers.
    SiteBuilder Newbies
    part 1-Making Changes
    part 2-Designing Pages
    part 3-Different Browsers
    part-4 Design Clean and Simple Website Pages

    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    Try Starting a Wordpress Blog

    If you want to get an amazing traffic blast try starting a Wordpress Blog. The graph above shows what has happened in a two month period since I started my blog using Godaddy as the hosting provider. I must tell you though I had to apply SEO techniques to get to the place that I am already. Look at the graph, I hit a high of 148 visitors with an average of 100 per day in just two short months.

    Here's is why I feel I have achieved such a great level of success with this blog program. When I started the site called, Fix My Cabinet, I set a goal to publish an article every two days. It has been an easy task to meet my goal because this is something that I know a lot about. I have filled the pages with loads of content already So much so that Google has already recognized me as an authority site and Yahoo has indexed over 800 back links to my pages because I am considered a specialist in the cabinetry industry.

    Here's how you can start a blog by Wordpress. Go to Godaddy ( Hosting Plans),
    set up an account, purchase your domain name (Go Daddy $7.49 .com Sale!)
    and get tech support to help you get your Wordpress blog into working order. There are four plug ins that will need to be installed.

    1) All In One SEO Pack
    2) Google Analyticator
    3) Wp-SpamFree
    4) Yet Another Related Post Plugin

    It is possible to start a Free Wordpress Blog but it is better to have your own domain name. If you register for the free blog your domain will be a sub domain of Wordpress. It is always better to own the main domain because the search engines offer better placement for the main .com rather than the sub domain name.

    By starting a blog you can easily publish content every day. Wordpress is an amazing tool that the search engines like so if your niche is not too competitive and you write loads of optimized content you will have a great opportunity to become an authority in your niche and have loads of traffic too.

    It's free-Homestead Website Ebook
    Homestead Website Help

    Monday, February 16, 2009

    Have You Visited Copy Blogger Yet? I'm a regular visitor

    One of the finest places on the planet to get great information about blogging is Copy Blogger. If you haven't visited the blog yet, you need too. Every time I visit, I'm inspired to write about something. Today it just happens to be about how I stop by this site once every two days to get inspiration and reminders of the importance of publishing content. You see I'm a regular visitor to this inspirational website.

    Here is just a small opening paragraph from a blog post called, "Contents Are Hot."
    "Sure, your content needs to be useful. Yes, absolutely, it needs to improve your readers’ lives. And without a doubt, it needs to strengthen your relationship with your content community."

    Now that's what I'm talking about, doesn't that just stir you to want more? If so, you can read the entire article here at Hot Content. This particular post, at Copy Blogger, is directing the readers focus toward the value of including a photo that is shocking, startling, intriguing or offensive, in your article posts. Here's how inspirational this site is to me, in this post I have included a photo. If you look at any posts previous to today's date, you will not find photos on this site.

    Go check them out, it's an amazing place to soak up loads of information as it relates to building websites, marketing and publishing articles to the Internet. Copy Blogger may just become a frequent place that you visit once you've tasted of the goodness that the blog has to offer. Copy Blogger was refereed to me by community forum called Website Babble. I am so thankful that someone made a post about them.

    Homestead Users

    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    part 2-Designing Pages

    I'll never forget how I just took off building my web pages, when I was just learning the SiteBuilder functions on my own, without really taking a good look at some of the millions of websites that have excellent designs. So, this is the best advice that I can give you, STUDY other websites before you begin designing pages. This will make the result of your efforts something to be proud of for a long time and also your site will need very few changes when you are finished.

    In the midst of preparing to build your website, make sure to get into the Homestead Users Marketing Center so you can learn about how to design them in order to get good rankings with Google, Yahoo and MSN. Learn to do it right the first time and you will save yourself hours of time later on. Does the thought of redesigning an entire website sound like fun to you? Well if it does, I'm here to tell you it is not fun at all. I have been there and done that. Learn from my mistakes and glean from the knowledge that I have gained about designing pages correctly. Get into the marketing center for Homestead Users.

    Here is an example of a poorly designed Homestead website page where someone just packed a bunch of stuff in a small area without any real design thought. A bunch of stuff on a page.

    Take time to review several websites and also to plan yours out without haste. When people build a beautiful house they don't just start building do they? Of course not, they go look at model homes and get creative ideas for their own home. Well, the planning stages of building a website are not different from planning to fabricate a beautiful home. Borrow ideas for designing your pages and then make them suit your niche. Designing a functional and beautiful website is going to require that you do some study before you publish your final pages.

    SiteBuilder Newbies
    part 1-Making Changes
    part 2-Designing Pages
    part 3-Different Browsers
    part-4 Design Clean and Simple Website Pages


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