Monday, April 28, 2008

Creating A Successful Homestead Mailing List

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Here is how I was able to create a successful Homestead Website mailing list

1) Turn your passion into useful content-I took something that I was passionate about and began to write daily tips that could be beneficial to others who had the same interests. I got a good friend involved to help with editing. I would write 5 days worth at a time and email them to her. She would edit them, send them back and I would create the daily email pages.

2) Work the online communities- Once I had about a months worth ready, I began to participate in communities where there were like minded people. I would attach links to my posts about my daily offerings and also send some IMs. I was careful to not be direct with my offer, I hate the word SPAM, especially when the letters are capitalized, in bold print, and pointing back at me. I found My Space to be a great place to attract some new sign-ups because they had 5 communities of people with the same interests as me.

3) Get your list of people involved
-Once my friends list grew to the point of about 50 people, I asked them all to send out some notices to their friends who may be interested in receiving the daily emails. All of this was happening before I knew anything about SEO (search engine optimization)

4) Learn about optimization-I purchased a book that I found in the The Homestead Connection Forum called SEO Building Blocks. This book is specifically designed to help Homestead users understand how to get better rankings in the SERPS ( search engines results pages). Traffic to my page increased from 1 visitor a day to 40 per day, in about 3 months. This traffic all comes from Google, Yahoo and MSN. Get the book, it is worth the small investment!

5) Design one important page promote- I created one page that had several key word phrases in it and began to apply what I had learned about optimizing a Homestead website. Within three months the page went to the top of the search engines results and I began to get several sign-ups a day.

6) Continued to add to the daily tips- While all this was happening, I continued to focus on writing the useful tips that every one was interested in.

I had no real knowledge or education about getting people to sign-up for a mailing list. I basically was following my heart and one of my passions in life. The Homestead newsletter feature is very easy to work with and, as always, the tech support is incredible. Answers about using the mailing list feature were very easy to get with a simple phone call. My current list to date is up to almost 800 recipients. Ocassionally, I will add in some Adsense to the daily mailers and make a few dollars which help with the cost of owning a website.
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