Sunday, September 27, 2009

Find Homestead Website Samples-Examples are Abundant Online

Click here to read a Homestead website builder review.
If you want to find a lot of homestead website examples here’s what to do to get a limitless samples supply. Select any subject like dogs. Then go to Google and type in the search box-dogs homestead. Now, when the search results return, look for domains that are sub domains of the Homestead hosting program. The URL will look like These types of URLs are where you can find limitless samples of Homestead websites.

The hosing company has two options supplied with every account for building websites. You may opt to use the pre-made templates or design your own style starting from a blank page. Once you have created a hosting account, free or paid, you will be able to select from a large assortment of templates. There are many examples of various websites that you can build. Actually, they have over two thousand templates to choose from.

PC recently selected the SiteBuilder as the editors choice for ease of use.
Here’s a brief quote from their website: “Our Editors' Choice winner for quick and easy web site building, makes designing polished, professional Web sites easier than any other place online.” Intuit/Homestead has even recognized this sites acknowledgement of their company on their template samples page.

I've personally been using the SiteBuilder to build websites with for several years now. I've found the hosting program to be very easy to use. You really can build a website fast once you have all the content materials ready and photos chosen. By signing up for the free trail, you can browse the many template samples and find one that suits your market niche on the Internet. The company offers over two thousand examples of website styles to choose from. The design possibilities are still limitless because you can create your own style by starting with a blank page.

Click here to read a Homestead website builder review.

If you new to website design using the SiteBuilder we have a free Homestead website ebook that we would like you to have.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make Money With Homestead Website-Distractions Hinder Progress Online

If you’re working on building an Internet business then you must learn that distractions will hinder the amount of progress that you make. It really takes discipline to make a sizable amount of money on the Internet.

Many techniques must be used like marketing a Homestead website with email

We also must take advantage of things that make developing products faster like ebook cover makers. Product development takes a lot of time. Having quality software to help is a necessity.

In fact, if you’re serious, you must treat your online passions as a business not as a hobby.

Here are a few ideas that may help.

1) Set a work schedule for building your Internet business.

2) Do not check your email during your work time unless it is actually a part of your business proceedings for your scheduled time.

3) Focus on one thing at a time. Have a dedicated period or even an entire day where all you are working on is building quality backlinks.

4) Set aside a time for writing articles to be submitted to article sites.

5) If you are using email marketing, then concentrate on developing your “follow up” messages. As a side note, I use Aweber for all of my email marketing.

6) Learning new techniques is a must. So, invest a block of work time in learning about new methods of generating income online.

7) Developing videos is time consuming, but necessary if you are going to compete in today’s online income stream. Set aside a day for only working on producing videos.

8) Have a time set aside for posting videos on various sites like Youtube, Revver, or Google video. Here's an SEO Homestead video that I produced and uploaded onto several websites like Myspace.

Homestead Website Help

Listen, nothing in life comes without much work except an inheritance. So, get busy. This one page I developed for Homestead Website Reviews took several hours to complete.

As you can tell, it’s all about managing your time on the Internet and using it in a productive manner. Distractions during working hours will lead you off on rabbit trails that will produce little income.

Treat your website and goals like a regular job and I guarantee you that you will see an increase in revenue.

More visitors will come to your website or blog and eventually you will enjoy an increase in free time due to the passive income that you have generated. Making money with your Intuit/Homestead website is going to take some effort, but the rewards will be worth it if you hang in there.

Don’t give up and try not to get too distracted, passive income is worth the initial effort. An online business can be extremely rewarding if you stay focused on your goals.

Homestead Website Help

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Making a Content Sandwich

There’s a trick that I learned from a Homestead user a couple of years ago about writing content. Have you ever joined any article communities like Ezine, Stock Vault or Article city? These are websites that you can copy content from, but you must give the authors credit and keep all anchor text links active.

If you understand how to apply SEO for Homestead websites, then using content from these free communities can be beneficial to you. This is where the idea of making a content sandwich comes in.

When you find a great piece of material from an article website, you can sandwich it between two pieces (or, “paragraphs”) of original text. If you optimize Homestead SiteBuilder pages well, then it’s possible to get top rankings with Google by creating your own title for the page.

Making a content sandwich is not something that I do on a regular basis because I really enjoy writing original content.

My experience, developed from working with other Homestead users, has shown me that many people do not like to write content. They do however desire to have a successful website.

Oftentimes, the clients that I train in using Intuits Homestead SiteBuilder program do not have additional money to pay someone to write articles for them. Making a content sandwich becomes a creative way for them to get enough material on the page for the search engines to pay attention to their website.

Homestead SiteBuilder Lift Off Keys

Creating a Homestead Website Mailing List

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Purpose Persistence Profits-Succeeding Online

There are two keys to achieving greater things on the Internet with your Homestead website. Without implementing purpose and persistence there will be few profits or rewards because there was little effort invested.

Purpose-Define what the purpose (or, "goal") of your website is and do everything that you can to see the vision fulfilled.

Set mini milestones that relate to the various goals that you have for your website success. Your goals should be obtainable. If you want more traffic, then write and publish more optimized content. Learn to optimize your website (seo homestead website)so you will get higher rankings with Google. Join Google Adwords and find a reputable product on the Internet that will teach you how to succeed with paid search techniques. Download the Homestead ebook from the Homestead Users website and learn how to get more traffic.

Persistence-Never giver up. Eventually you will reap a reward for your efforts. It's important to understand that most businesses take time to become established as reputable and trust worthy. Slow and steady growth is the way that most websites become deeply rooted on the Internet and firmly established.

Write many articles and publish them online, study website optimization (seo Homestead website)and Internet marketing techniques.

We can be profitable in many ways. Our sense of accomplishment will be determined by the goals that we have met. If you are trying to make money on the Internet the revenue will be the profit your seeking.

If your goal is to teach teenagers how to drive, by providing a free driving school online, then your profit will be measured differently.

Succeeding on the Internet with your Homestead website is going to take time. Define your purpose, adopt an attitude of persistence, and enjoy the profits that will come your way. Never give up, eventually you will reap a harvest from the efforts that you have sown online.


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