Monday, March 24, 2008

Ten Reasons Why I Use Homestead Websites

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Here are ten great reasons I use Homestead Websites. This is a testimonial about homestead websites. When you finish these make sure to read this Homestead website review.

1) The tech support is amazing. Every time I have a question, they are just a phone call away. There is always someone who is a trained professional at building Homestead Websites, to help. I have talked to there tech support team many times and always gotten a quick answer to my questions.

2) The resources they provide for building a site are included in the price and in the site builder. The first night when I decided to try building a Homesteads website, I became addicted to the creativity that is available through this company's site builder. There are thousands of photos available to use along with thousands of templates for many types of sites. It is so easy to add videos, music audios news letters, chat rooms, special order forms and Pay Pal.. Visit Cabbage Palm Glass-Sarasota Stained Glass website and you will see many of the features used that i just mentioned

3) Everything is point, click, and drag. The simplicity of the site builder program is so easy that my 14 year old son started building a site within minutes. There is a video tutorial along with a very easy to understand help section.

4) They have articles that give step by step instructions on how to get visitors to start coming to the site.

5) I pay for my Homestead service with Google Adsense advertisements. . I started making money online by placing advertisements on my websites. Check out my Used Guitars community and see what I am talking about.

6) I was able to create a sign-up section for daily devotions. I now have over 700 people every day that receive daily devotions for teens that I wrote. All of the recipients are automatically emailed with one email entry. I simply place the link for the devotional in the email, hit send and wala! 700 subscribers wake up with a devotion in there mail box.

7) I added a video section that was so easy to create from hundreds of videos on the Internet. Check out my Christian Videos pages.

8) This music artists site was created by a website designer using the service. Check this out,

9) Google, Yahoo and MSN all have my sites in there search results pages. Many of my pages are in the top ten out of millions of other sites. This is due to Homesteads superb outline on how to optimize your website for search engines.

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