Sunday, April 13, 2008

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7 Tips to increasing traffic to a homestead website

First I would like to say that it takes dedication to increase traffic to any website. One of the first things to learn is some basics for optimizing. There are many ways to increase traffic to a Homestead website, these are just a few suggestions.

By implementing these techniques in one day, I increase the traffic to my site from an average of 28 visitors to 156 each day. These types of statistics will not remain unless you continually put forth the effort to keep the numbers up. Once you have plenty of visitors it is a good idea to implement Adsense ( Adsense on Homestead Website?)

1) Yahoo Answers

Yahoo has a site set up where people interact by posting questions and getting answers. This is a great way to increase traffic to your Homestead website! Be careful how you approach this. They will close your account if you post too many URL (your website address) references. You just have to be very creative in how you mention your sites. It is fun to participate in the Yahoo Answers chat area. I get several visitors a day to my sites this way.

2) Craig's List

I increased traffic to my used guitar site by three times the normal amount in two days. The average visitors went from 56 per day to 165 per day. Along with the increase in traffic, I also had an increase in Adsense revenue. DO NOT abuse this website or they will ban your email address and IP address. Only post occasionally and follow their guidelines.

3) Post Comments In Forums

Find forums and post comments regularly, especially if the site has a high Google page rank. Attach links to your sites in the signature sections of your profile. I can't exactly say that my forum posts are always as interesting as this blog. A good title will get people to take a quick glance at your post and the links you have included below your signature will bring them to your site.

4) Comment On Blogs

I found several blogs that have high traffic flow. Most blogs will allow you to include the URL of your website. It gets linked to your name. The linked title is actually in large bold print. Apparently this is a way that blog owners attract people like us who want to create links everywhere to their blogs.

5) Optimizing Homestead Websites

It is very important to learn how to arrange your content using keywords and keyword phrases. This will make your pages more appealing to Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are several articles on this blog about Homestead websites that will teach you some valuable tips for optimizing.

6) Start A News Letter

Two years ago I began writing free youth devotions for a sight called Prayer For Youth. Today I have over 6000 subscribers that I email a devotion to everyday. This has brought a huge amount of daily traffic to the website. Aweber is the best email marketing company on the Internet.

7) Increase Traffic Using Youtube Videos

I have increased traffic Using Youtube to this blog by 100% in just two short months. Creating videos that people are attracted to will cause them to follow various links that you have posted inside of the "More Info" section of your description area.

Increasing traffic to a Homestead website is going to take an investment of your time. Not just time invested in building website pages, but also creating external links and studying SEO. Just be patient and eventually the visitors will increase. I think the search engines wait a while to see how active your site is going to be before they give you special treatment. Keep building links, study SEO for Homestead Websites and generate lots of content and videos. Do not get discouraged! It just takes some time for things to start taking off.



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