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Optimizing Homestead Websites-Part 3 Links

Homestead Websites Optimization Video Series
A major key to optimizing Homestead websites is building links. This is a very time consuming process but necessary. Planning time to focus upon creating external links is a must if you want to get higher rankings with search engines. Also how the internal links are formatted is important.

Internal links are the word phrases within your website that people use to navigate to various sections of your site.

What are external links? These are clickable paths that bring people into your pages from other sites. The best types are the ones that actually use your key word phrases in the text. If you are new to all of this it may take a little while to learn how to create these external links using your keyword phrases. Use Word Tracker to help you choose the best keywords relating to your content. The fastest and easiest way I have discovered to create these links is by creating accounts with free blog platforms. Here's an example. Homestead Websites Tips is a keyword phrase that I have linked to take you to another blog platform that I manage. By typing the keyword phrase "Homestead Websites Tips" and linking it to my other blog about Homestead websites I have just created an external link using a keyword phrase. When the search engines spider that blog and find the keyword phrase linked and pointing to my other blog, they will consider the phrase to be important because it is a link.

Here are three places that I have found to be easy places to create these external links pointing to my pages using keyword phrases.

Optimizing Homestead Websites-Places To Create Links
1) Wordpress free blogging
2) Blogspot
3) Forums

A quick word about forums:

Not all forums allow you to create active links, so find the ones that will. The Homestead Connection Forum is a great place to interact with like minded friends and create text links pointing to your pages. I published an article using the keyword phrase Forums About Homestead Websites. In the article I gave my personal testimony of how this forum has impacted my life. Make sure to find time to explore the many benefits that the forum has to offer.

Optimizing pages that will get high rankings with the search engines is going to take a considerable investment of time. You will need to learn how to create HTML clickable links because some forums and blogs will not automatically create them just by highlighting the text. One last point about your Homestead websites and links, it is important to create links on sites that have a high Google page rank. To see what the page rank is for a site, you will need to download the Google tool bar.
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Here are a few more examples of keyword phrase links.
Websites About:
Lasik Eye
Best Singles Sites
Surgery Surgeons
Used Guitars
Music Stores

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