Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things That Keep A Homestead Website From Being A Success

So you've built your website, published your pages onto the Internet and now your going to have thousands of visitors coming your way, right? That's not the way it works because there are things that keep your Homestead website from being a success. Don't let this statement bother you though because in the next few paragraphs I am going to offer some suggestions. If you follow them, you will descover reasons why your website is not successful

-Keyword phrases were not selected for each page.
-You used the “Apply To All” feature in the “Properties Editor.”
-The Homestead built in “Navigation” feature is Java script and search engines cannot find your pages because you have used this linking system.
-Not Enough content...
-You have not created a site map.
-Not optimizing your pages for search engine appeal.

Learn From The Experts

First and fore most, learn from the Homestead experts. There are many places to get materials that can help with your abilities to succeed with your service or product on the Internet. One such product is called SEO Extreme Video Series. This set was specifically design for the Homestead websites user. Here's what I learned right up font when I started learning about how to succeed with the SiteBuilder program. There are many articles on the Internet offering techniques for success but it takes months to try to connect them all together and make them work. By purchasing a ready made product giving you step by step information of exactly how to succeed with Homestead websites, you can be successful a lot quicker and with less frustration.

The Starting Place For Homestead Website Beginners

If your a Homestead website beginner here are a few tips that will get you going in the right direction to having a successful site.

1) Get an education concerning Keywords and keyword phrases. I love to use Word Tracker!

2) Learn how to use “Header Tags.” Watch this video about How to add header tags to a Homestead website

3) Learn how to create and add a site map to your SiteBuilder & Google. Here's an excellent Tutorial about adding a site map to Homestead websites.

4) Learn about SEO (or, “search engine optimization”) to get top rankings with Google, Yahoo and MSN. There is complete video series called SEO Extreme Video Series which is all about Homestead websites optimization.

Here's what you can expect if you learn from the pros.

A) Get more pages picked up by the search engines

B) Rank higher with Google, MSN & Yahoo...I mean be on the front page of the search engine results!

C) More traffic to your web site.

D) Make more money if your selling a product or service

E) Reach more people with your valuable information.

Do a quick search for things related to Homestead websites and you will find that I have written many articles concerning things that are important to your success with the SiteBuilder program. In my experience, I failed when I tried to compile a bunch of free articles about website success on my own. The magic happened when I learned from the experts who know what to do inside and outside of the Homestead websites program. I couldn't believe that a small investment could make so much of a difference.
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