Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SEO Is Winning The Popularity Contest, Win With Homestead

I was just watching a video provided to me from the Internet Marketing Center. A guest speaker said that SEO is basically winning the popularity contest. I have heard many terms relating to, “How To Optimize A Website,” that were very tech oriented, but this one brings optimization to my level of understanding. So, I have been thinking about why my Homestead websites get so much traffic. The answer is so simple, visitors come to my pages because, I am one of the most popular sites for certain terms with Google, Yahoo and MSN. I wrote an Ezine article (SEO Homestead Website) that explains a lot of the reason that I have achieved such a high level of success for various keyword phrases. Just so you know, it takes work to win the popularity contest and get to the top of the search engines results pages.

How To Win With Adwords and Homestead Email Marketing
Now, even though the answer is simple, as to why I receive so many visitors a day to my sites, the process of becoming popular on the Internet takes effort and a considerable amount of time. One of the fastest ways to get traffic is through using Google Adwords, but this is going to cost money. In the beginning, when I started one of the most popular websites that I have, I created something to give away. In order to be able to receive the free letter every day, you only had to give me your email address. The market was not an expensive one to pay for Adwords ads to get started. I set a budget of $3 a day and started promoting. It was costing me about .16 per click. My Google ad said: “it only takes 15 seconds to sign up.” Immediately my free product became a popular item because I was number one in the paid listings on the right of the page. There were only three other sites competing for the keyword phrases. So, it was not very expensive per click and it was not difficult to win the popularity contest for my keyword phrases. Now my email list began to grow quickly and everyday people began to come to my websites pages as I emailed the newsletter.

Three resources to help get more traffic

  • Two things were happening, I was establishing traffic and credibility on the Internet. The two go hand in hand. People will not keep coming back if they do not like your free daily offering.

Being popular, learning how to optimize a Homestead website
Once I began to get some traffic rolling in, through Google Adwords, I was able to turn my efforts towards planning how to further optimize my Homestead pages throughout my website. Having studied SEO techniques and understanding how they related to the SiteBuilder program, my pages were in pretty good shape as far as optimization was concerned. Now, this should be one of the goals of every Homestead webmaster, “learning how to get free search engine traffic.” In order to get a lot of free visitors you will have to become the most popular website with Google. Now, why would Google consider your site to be the most popular? There are several reasons and SEO is the very heartbeat of why a site ranks high with the search engines. Google looks at how well your Homestead pages are optimized, what is the content on your page, how much content is on your page, how old is your site, how many daily visitors do you have and who is linked to your site.
Now as you can see, becoming the most popular website, for certain terms in a particular niche, is going to take work. Not just work but you will have to make up your mind that you're going to be patient too. Just a few things that I have mentioned that took a lot of work for several for my sites to start getting a lot of traffic.
Winning The Popularity Contest
I had to learn how to optimize my Homestead website pages and how to further my optimization techniques off of my websites pages.
I had to write content to give away every day for free.
It was necessary for me to learn how to set up the newsletter/email marketing feature in the SiteBuilder and how to send them daily using Homesteads Hmail system.
Daily I would manually send the free newsletter out.
I had to learn and understand how the Google Adwords program worked.
It was a must to learn how to check my statistics with the real tracker provided by Homestead.
I had to do something every day to help my site become more like able. So I added video sections. This required that I had to learn how to make videos, upload them to youtube and promote them outside of Youtube.

I think you got the picture, being the most popular website for your niche or keyword phrases is going to take a lot of work. Learning SEO should be the very first step that you take in learning how to optimize a Homestead Website. While your building your online empire it is good to establish your credibility through videos and photos of yourself. People want to deal with real people more than high tech equipment selling something.

Making Clickbank Sales Pages With Homestead Website
If Google's Grossing Billions Don't You Think
Homestead Users

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Making Clickbank Sales Pages / Homestead Website

Build a Website in 30 minutes. Try Free, Click Here.
If you're an affiliate marketer selling your own product of someone else's, Clickbank sales pages can be easily made with the Homestead websites SiteBuilder program.

The SiteBuilder system is really simple to use and it is perfect for assembling quick affiliate sales pages fast and easy.

I recently got the idea for this article from interacting with two people who are using Homestead to build their sales pages. I was bouncing around on Youtube when I discovered that people were using the SiteBuilder to do this.

Intuit offers really simple way for you get websites built for affiliate marketing without knowing a lot about building a website.

If your more interested in making money rather than spending thousands of hours trying to learn how to put a sales page together then, Homestead is the company that you should use for designing Clicbank landing pages.

Watch this Youtube video on How to Make Clickbank Sales Pages.

Homestead Website, Perfect for Clickbank Affiliate Programs
Build a Website in Minutes. Try for free!
So here is why Homestead is the perfect sales page builder for Clickbank affiliate program products. Actually, this is what the two people I discovered are doing. First they find a product on CB that they are interested in, they then purchase it. Next if the product is legit, which some of them are worthless, they then create a product review page using the Homestead Sitebuilder. No wait, first they purchase a domain name that is similar to the product that they are going to promote. Because the Sitebuilder is so easy to use, they then create a website which is very similar to the Clickbank sales pages color theme and look. This is why homestead's the perfect website program to compliment Clickbank affiliate pages. The webmaster doesn't have to spend thousands of hours learning HTML, it's all point click and drag.

Bonus InFo: Google Has Added A Homestead Websites Video Page

Using Homestead's Sitebuilder is perfect for creating sales pages quickly, easy and fast. I'm sure that there are many people, who are affiliates for Clickbank, using the web page builder to make quick copy pages that match product pages. It seems like complementing and blending the sales pages is a very creative way of selling someone else's products. The Sitebuilder is making this very easy for people to do.

Homestead Website SiteBuilder Beginner
SEO Homestead Website
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Monday, January 26, 2009

If Google Is Grossing Billions of Dollars Don't You think

Could it be possible for a Homestead webmaster to actually make a few dollars on the Internet? I mean after all Google is grossing billions of dollars every year, don't you think there is money to be made online? Can you even grasp for a moment how much a billion is? Here's a link to a recent video I posted on one of my sites that gives excellent illustrations of how far back in time a billion seconds is. The Youtube video "If The Earth Were A Glof Ball" explains the concept of how many seconds in time is equal to this figure that I am referencing.

Bonus InFo: Google has added a Homestead websites video page.

So, the next time that you have a thought that there is no money to be made on the Internet, think again. In the year 2006 Google had 8 billion in cash reserves. The Internet is not going anywhere for a while. It is here to stay and the online users are only going to continue to increase. There is money to be made online. If Google is making billions every year then you and I can find some niche that will make us a few dollars too. If nothing else we can at least make enough to pay for our Homestead website.

Website Design For Homestead Users

SEO Homestead Website

Joel Comm's Facebook Account Terminated

Saturday, January 24, 2009

How long does it take to become an expert at something?

Need Cash?
I recently pondered a question in my mind, how long does it take to become an expert at something?

Well, nurses can become RN's in a two year program then become responsible for saving lives. A friend once told me that nurses are the eyes and ears of the Doctors.

Ophthalmologists become certified in their field by attending school for two years. Then they are able to work with assisting people who need glasses.

I have had several positions, within the field of cabinetry manufacturing, where I actually became very efficient at operating a particular piece of machinery in a couple of months. I was an expert at working with that particular program. My responsibilities and talent touched the craftsmanship of every cabinet maker in the plant. If you have cabinet problems check out my blog Fix My Cabinet. I offer expert advice because I know cabinets inside and out.

So how long does it take to be really good at something on the Internet?

How long will it take to master the Homestead website Builder?

To master something takes a spirit of excellence fueled by perseverance, motivation and a burning passion to be successful in that niche.

So what does all of this have to do with making a Homestead website?

If you want to have a successful website, then find something that your passionate about and press forward full speed.

1) Write loads of content about what you are good at doing and know well . Not just any old content though, It needs to be arranged in such a way that it is appealing to search engines.

2) Interact in many places within the Internet world and create links to your pages.

The Internet marketing "Experts" use this term often, "carve a niche" for yourself and become the leading authority in your area of expertise.

If you really put your mind to the task, you can become a Homestead website expert within a couple of years. I've been working with the Sitebuilder for over four years now. Every day I work inside the program. Most people get a degree from college in four years and are considered to be an expert.

The truth is, you can apply yourself to anything with a passionate heart and become an expert in a relatively short period of time.

So pick your niche, study it with passion, become an expert and build a successful website that brings loads of traffic because you have proven yourself to be an authority in your field of choice.

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Fast Clickbank Sales Pages
Getting Few Visitors

Friday, January 23, 2009

Face Book Account Terminated Joel Comm Appeals

This is pretty shocking. A very well known Internet marketers Facebook account was terminated soon after they reached 5000 friends. Joel Comm appeals to the staff hoping for a reinstatement. It came as a disappointing surprise, I'm sure. Can you imagine the amount of time and effort that was invested in building an Internet presence of such high numbers of friends, on a huge social networking website, just to have someone push the panic button and all of your efforts were washed down the drain?

The name of the article is called Facebook booted me for having 5000 friends.

I am rather upset about the whole thing, here's why. If Facebook can suddenly delete an Internet marketers account, so quickly, then so can Google, Yahoo, Myspace and Craigslist. Well craigslist just needs someone to pull the plug altogether because it is the largest gathering of spammers I have ever encountered on the Internet. Those of us who are building small empires online, to make connections with others and also to make a few dollars while doing it, are at risk of someone else deciding our fate.

Having an account terminated by Facebook, especially an honest hard working Internet entrepreneur such as Joel Comm, is certainly something that anyone should appeal. I cannot image the disappointment that would accompany opening an email one morning and seeing that a social networking account with 5000 friends was deleted with a push of a button. The surprising thing is that there was no warning at all.

Check out this announcement about the Homestead Users website

Help With Website Design for Homestead Users

If you are using SiteBuilder for website design, check out the Homestead Users location. Just go to, you'll find loads of information about creating a successful presence on the Internet. The site is packed with articles, videos recorded inside of the sitebuilder and information on how you can get started making money with reputable affiliate programs.

List of some of the current articles and videos

Increasing Amounts Of Traffic
Adding A Forum
Drive Free Traffic
Website Products
The Heartbeat Of Your site
Ways To Make Money
Success On The Internet
Homestead User Website Review
Optimization Videos
How To Compete In A Competitive Niche
Ways To Pay For Your Hosting Account
Creating A Banner
Adding A News Letter
Adding RSS Feeds
Moving Multiple Page Elements
How To Add Header Tags
How To Add Youtube Video
Making A Site Map
Adding Kontera
Creating A Squeeze Page

I have been a Homestead user for several years now and honestly have not found an easier site builder to use for designing custom pages. I've tried a few various ones but none have been as easy to master as this one. Here's the thing though, I had to learn how to use the elements inside of the program by contacting tech support, visiting the Homestead Connection Forum and a lot of trial and error.

Now that the Intuit company is beginning to provide training videos, blog entries and more helpful articles in the main account area, using the SiteBuilder is getting even easier.

With the combination of several blogs, a forum and the Homestead Users website you should be able to create a nice website design rather quickly.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making It To The Top Of Google With A Homestead Website

I have done it many times but sometimes making it to the top of the search engines, like Google, MSN and Yahoo with my Homestead website has been challenging. I recently wrote an article called, How Long Does It Take To Learn Website Optimization, in there I explain what some of the top SEO people have to say about this subject. I also wrote an Ezine article that gets top results for the term SEO Homestead Website which explains some of the things that Homestead Users need to be aware of about the SiteBuilder as it relates to Optimizating pages.

If you really want to get to the top then, you will have to get your hands on some of the materials that are designed specifically for SiteBuilder users to learn about getting to the top of Google. Sometimes you can get to the front page quickly and other times it is going to take some hard work to get there. If you happen to get into a niche that is loaded with competition, then you will have to find unique phrases that aren't so popular and focus on them. A lot of this game depends upon how much competition there is in your niche.

Do you really want to reach the top of the search engines? Then, you're going to have to learn SiteBuilder techniques and also work at getting your pages to the top of Google. I would suggest that you read these three articles that I have provided links to below, and then purchase the SEO Extreme Video Series, there should be a banner on this page. If not just Google it. The cost of the video series is minimal in comparison to the search engine results that you will achieve once you learn the proper way to Optimize a Homestead Website.
Part 1 Optimization For Homestead Websites
Part 2 Optimize Homestead Websites
Part 3 Optimizing Homestead Websites
Check Your Homestead Website In Different Browsers

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Good Is A Homestead Website?

Being someone who has used this company for several years now, I am qualified to tell you how good a homestead website is. From the moment that I began to use this companies web builder, I was totally hooked. The SiteBuilder is easy to understand. The support team at the Intuit website building company is really great too. The two companies, I mentioned, are both one in the same, I guess I mean they merged.

Things I like about using Homestead to build my websites

1) It is what is referred to as a point, click and drag system.
The Sitebuilder functions bar has several icons across the top. When you click on one a drop down menu gives you options for what you want to add to your page. You may choose to add a photo, HTML code, Youtube video, accent graphics, Paypal and many other options. You point to your selection, click and then the item appears on your page. Then you grab it by left clicking and holding the object and drag it to where ever you want to place it on the page.

2) The tech support is really good
Every time I have ever had a situation that I could not handle the support team at the Intuit website company has helped me to resolve the issue. I must add, in a very fast and courteous way as well.

3) There are many Homestead website videos
There are several places to watch media clips about using the web program. Site Builder beginners videos are available and also tutorials referred to as SEO Homestead website.

4) Several Blogs About Intuit websites/Homestead
You will discover that the company has an excellent blog. There are a couple on Wordpress and obviously this one on Google Blogspot.

5) Forums
There's only one that I know of, it's called the Homestead Connection Forum.

Intuit websites and Homestead are good
Actually, the neat thing about trying the web builder is that you generally get a free month trial.

Make sure you check out the Homestead Users website too!
Forums Homestead Website
Homestead Users Videos

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here's my Homestead Website Testimony

As I was searching on Google the other day, I discovered that there were some people who had some not so nice things to say about their experience with the Homestead website company. So, I decided to write somewhat of a personal testimony about using Homestead to build my websites with.

Here's the name of the article, just click on the text, Homestead Website Review. I have provided a comment box at the bottom of the article's page because I would love to hear from you.

I have yet to have a bad experience with this awesome company. So, as you read you will discover that my testimony about using the SiteBuilder and interacting with the staff and tech suppot is very complete. There is still plenty of room for you to share about the many features that you enjoy from the company.

Make sure you get over to the Homestead Users website.

Homestead Website Review


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