Friday, January 23, 2009

Face Book Account Terminated Joel Comm Appeals

This is pretty shocking. A very well known Internet marketers Facebook account was terminated soon after they reached 5000 friends. Joel Comm appeals to the staff hoping for a reinstatement. It came as a disappointing surprise, I'm sure. Can you imagine the amount of time and effort that was invested in building an Internet presence of such high numbers of friends, on a huge social networking website, just to have someone push the panic button and all of your efforts were washed down the drain?

The name of the article is called Facebook booted me for having 5000 friends.

I am rather upset about the whole thing, here's why. If Facebook can suddenly delete an Internet marketers account, so quickly, then so can Google, Yahoo, Myspace and Craigslist. Well craigslist just needs someone to pull the plug altogether because it is the largest gathering of spammers I have ever encountered on the Internet. Those of us who are building small empires online, to make connections with others and also to make a few dollars while doing it, are at risk of someone else deciding our fate.

Having an account terminated by Facebook, especially an honest hard working Internet entrepreneur such as Joel Comm, is certainly something that anyone should appeal. I cannot image the disappointment that would accompany opening an email one morning and seeing that a social networking account with 5000 friends was deleted with a push of a button. The surprising thing is that there was no warning at all.

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