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SEO Is Winning The Popularity Contest, Win With Homestead

I was just watching a video provided to me from the Internet Marketing Center. A guest speaker said that SEO is basically winning the popularity contest. I have heard many terms relating to, “How To Optimize A Website,” that were very tech oriented, but this one brings optimization to my level of understanding. So, I have been thinking about why my Homestead websites get so much traffic. The answer is so simple, visitors come to my pages because, I am one of the most popular sites for certain terms with Google, Yahoo and MSN. I wrote an Ezine article (SEO Homestead Website) that explains a lot of the reason that I have achieved such a high level of success for various keyword phrases. Just so you know, it takes work to win the popularity contest and get to the top of the search engines results pages.

How To Win With Adwords and Homestead Email Marketing
Now, even though the answer is simple, as to why I receive so many visitors a day to my sites, the process of becoming popular on the Internet takes effort and a considerable amount of time. One of the fastest ways to get traffic is through using Google Adwords, but this is going to cost money. In the beginning, when I started one of the most popular websites that I have, I created something to give away. In order to be able to receive the free letter every day, you only had to give me your email address. The market was not an expensive one to pay for Adwords ads to get started. I set a budget of $3 a day and started promoting. It was costing me about .16 per click. My Google ad said: “it only takes 15 seconds to sign up.” Immediately my free product became a popular item because I was number one in the paid listings on the right of the page. There were only three other sites competing for the keyword phrases. So, it was not very expensive per click and it was not difficult to win the popularity contest for my keyword phrases. Now my email list began to grow quickly and everyday people began to come to my websites pages as I emailed the newsletter.

Three resources to help get more traffic

  • Two things were happening, I was establishing traffic and credibility on the Internet. The two go hand in hand. People will not keep coming back if they do not like your free daily offering.

Being popular, learning how to optimize a Homestead website
Once I began to get some traffic rolling in, through Google Adwords, I was able to turn my efforts towards planning how to further optimize my Homestead pages throughout my website. Having studied SEO techniques and understanding how they related to the SiteBuilder program, my pages were in pretty good shape as far as optimization was concerned. Now, this should be one of the goals of every Homestead webmaster, “learning how to get free search engine traffic.” In order to get a lot of free visitors you will have to become the most popular website with Google. Now, why would Google consider your site to be the most popular? There are several reasons and SEO is the very heartbeat of why a site ranks high with the search engines. Google looks at how well your Homestead pages are optimized, what is the content on your page, how much content is on your page, how old is your site, how many daily visitors do you have and who is linked to your site.
Now as you can see, becoming the most popular website, for certain terms in a particular niche, is going to take work. Not just work but you will have to make up your mind that you're going to be patient too. Just a few things that I have mentioned that took a lot of work for several for my sites to start getting a lot of traffic.
Winning The Popularity Contest
I had to learn how to optimize my Homestead website pages and how to further my optimization techniques off of my websites pages.
I had to write content to give away every day for free.
It was necessary for me to learn how to set up the newsletter/email marketing feature in the SiteBuilder and how to send them daily using Homesteads Hmail system.
Daily I would manually send the free newsletter out.
I had to learn and understand how the Google Adwords program worked.
It was a must to learn how to check my statistics with the real tracker provided by Homestead.
I had to do something every day to help my site become more like able. So I added video sections. This required that I had to learn how to make videos, upload them to youtube and promote them outside of Youtube.

I think you got the picture, being the most popular website for your niche or keyword phrases is going to take a lot of work. Learning SEO should be the very first step that you take in learning how to optimize a Homestead Website. While your building your online empire it is good to establish your credibility through videos and photos of yourself. People want to deal with real people more than high tech equipment selling something.

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