Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making It To The Top Of Google With A Homestead Website

I have done it many times but sometimes making it to the top of the search engines, like Google, MSN and Yahoo with my Homestead website has been challenging. I recently wrote an article called, How Long Does It Take To Learn Website Optimization, in there I explain what some of the top SEO people have to say about this subject. I also wrote an Ezine article that gets top results for the term SEO Homestead Website which explains some of the things that Homestead Users need to be aware of about the SiteBuilder as it relates to Optimizating pages.

If you really want to get to the top then, you will have to get your hands on some of the materials that are designed specifically for SiteBuilder users to learn about getting to the top of Google. Sometimes you can get to the front page quickly and other times it is going to take some hard work to get there. If you happen to get into a niche that is loaded with competition, then you will have to find unique phrases that aren't so popular and focus on them. A lot of this game depends upon how much competition there is in your niche.

Do you really want to reach the top of the search engines? Then, you're going to have to learn SiteBuilder techniques and also work at getting your pages to the top of Google. I would suggest that you read these three articles that I have provided links to below, and then purchase the SEO Extreme Video Series, there should be a banner on this page. If not just Google it. The cost of the video series is minimal in comparison to the search engine results that you will achieve once you learn the proper way to Optimize a Homestead Website.
Part 1 Optimization For Homestead Websites
Part 2 Optimize Homestead Websites
Part 3 Optimizing Homestead Websites
Check Your Homestead Website In Different Browsers



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