Friday, January 23, 2009

Help With Website Design for Homestead Users

If you are using SiteBuilder for website design, check out the Homestead Users location. Just go to, you'll find loads of information about creating a successful presence on the Internet. The site is packed with articles, videos recorded inside of the sitebuilder and information on how you can get started making money with reputable affiliate programs.

List of some of the current articles and videos

Increasing Amounts Of Traffic
Adding A Forum
Drive Free Traffic
Website Products
The Heartbeat Of Your site
Ways To Make Money
Success On The Internet
Homestead User Website Review
Optimization Videos
How To Compete In A Competitive Niche
Ways To Pay For Your Hosting Account
Creating A Banner
Adding A News Letter
Adding RSS Feeds
Moving Multiple Page Elements
How To Add Header Tags
How To Add Youtube Video
Making A Site Map
Adding Kontera
Creating A Squeeze Page

I have been a Homestead user for several years now and honestly have not found an easier site builder to use for designing custom pages. I've tried a few various ones but none have been as easy to master as this one. Here's the thing though, I had to learn how to use the elements inside of the program by contacting tech support, visiting the Homestead Connection Forum and a lot of trial and error.

Now that the Intuit company is beginning to provide training videos, blog entries and more helpful articles in the main account area, using the SiteBuilder is getting even easier.

With the combination of several blogs, a forum and the Homestead Users website you should be able to create a nice website design rather quickly.



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