Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Good Is A Homestead Website?

Being someone who has used this company for several years now, I am qualified to tell you how good a homestead website is. From the moment that I began to use this companies web builder, I was totally hooked. The SiteBuilder is easy to understand. The support team at the Intuit website building company is really great too. The two companies, I mentioned, are both one in the same, I guess I mean they merged.

Things I like about using Homestead to build my websites

1) It is what is referred to as a point, click and drag system.
The Sitebuilder functions bar has several icons across the top. When you click on one a drop down menu gives you options for what you want to add to your page. You may choose to add a photo, HTML code, Youtube video, accent graphics, Paypal and many other options. You point to your selection, click and then the item appears on your page. Then you grab it by left clicking and holding the object and drag it to where ever you want to place it on the page.

2) The tech support is really good
Every time I have ever had a situation that I could not handle the support team at the Intuit website company has helped me to resolve the issue. I must add, in a very fast and courteous way as well.

3) There are many Homestead website videos
There are several places to watch media clips about using the web program. Site Builder beginners videos are available and also tutorials referred to as SEO Homestead website.

4) Several Blogs About Intuit websites/Homestead
You will discover that the company has an excellent blog. There are a couple on Wordpress and obviously this one on Google Blogspot.

5) Forums
There's only one that I know of, it's called the Homestead Connection Forum.

Intuit websites and Homestead are good
Actually, the neat thing about trying the web builder is that you generally get a free month trial.

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