Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Making Clickbank Sales Pages / Homestead Website

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If you're an affiliate marketer selling your own product of someone else's, Clickbank sales pages can be easily made with the Homestead websites SiteBuilder program.

The SiteBuilder system is really simple to use and it is perfect for assembling quick affiliate sales pages fast and easy.

I recently got the idea for this article from interacting with two people who are using Homestead to build their sales pages. I was bouncing around on Youtube when I discovered that people were using the SiteBuilder to do this.

Intuit offers really simple way for you get websites built for affiliate marketing without knowing a lot about building a website.

If your more interested in making money rather than spending thousands of hours trying to learn how to put a sales page together then, Homestead is the company that you should use for designing Clicbank landing pages.

Watch this Youtube video on How to Make Clickbank Sales Pages.

Homestead Website, Perfect for Clickbank Affiliate Programs
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So here is why Homestead is the perfect sales page builder for Clickbank affiliate program products. Actually, this is what the two people I discovered are doing. First they find a product on CB that they are interested in, they then purchase it. Next if the product is legit, which some of them are worthless, they then create a product review page using the Homestead Sitebuilder. No wait, first they purchase a domain name that is similar to the product that they are going to promote. Because the Sitebuilder is so easy to use, they then create a website which is very similar to the Clickbank sales pages color theme and look. This is why homestead's the perfect website program to compliment Clickbank affiliate pages. The webmaster doesn't have to spend thousands of hours learning HTML, it's all point click and drag.

Bonus InFo: Google Has Added A Homestead Websites Video Page

Using Homestead's Sitebuilder is perfect for creating sales pages quickly, easy and fast. I'm sure that there are many people, who are affiliates for Clickbank, using the web page builder to make quick copy pages that match product pages. It seems like complementing and blending the sales pages is a very creative way of selling someone else's products. The Sitebuilder is making this very easy for people to do.

Homestead Website SiteBuilder Beginner
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