Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How To Add a Youtube Video To Homestead Websites

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With these simple steps you will learn how to add a Youtube video to Homestead websites. We hope our this article will help you master the process quickly. Please make sure that you read the guidelines set forth by Youtube especially if you are planning on using the videos on websites that have advertisements on them or are commercial in nature.

1) Discover the clip that you would like to place on your website. Find what is referred to as the "Embed" code. Highlight the code and copy it.

2) In the Homestead Websites Site Builder file manager, locate the icon at the top of the page which looks like a sheet of paper with a cross on it. This tool is called, View Add images And Files Elements. Drop down and click on insert HTML. A box will appear on the screen, click on the box.

3) In the page properties to the right click on enter or paste HTML. This is where you place the embed code to add Youtube videos on Homestead Websites. Delete the text "place your html snipit here" and paste your Youtube code in the box. Notice that the code has a video screen size. You can adjust the width and height of your html box to match the size of the Youtube video clip. This can be done by entering numbers in the boxes in the page properties editor or by adjusting the box with your mouse.

4) Place the box on your page where you want it and click on preview or publish your page.

Adding a Youtube video to a Homestead Website is just that easy. To add a video from your computer is an entirely different process which takes up more memory and slows down the loading time of your pages. When ever possible always try to use a flash video service such as Youtube, Google, Yahoo or AOL.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Leaving Adsense Tips In The Jar

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Have you heard Joel Comm refer to Adsense revenue as tips in the jar. I saw one of Joels free DVDs and in the presentation, he even had a tip jar on the table with plenty of change in it. His Adsense revenue monthly is $20,000, that's a lot of "change in exchange."

So often I wonder, do people feel some sort of obligation to compensate the webmaster with a click or two because they have created a really enjoyable site? This then leads me to wonder how many of the clicks on an Adsense ad really are genuine. Webmasters surfing the web are knowledgeable about Adsense revenues. The ads are there for people to be able to purchase the product in the ad not for compensating the webmaster who put the ad on his or her site. Some how it all works out to be fair though and the morals of the clicker are really the root of the issue.

Leaving Adsense Tips in the jar by clicking on someones advertisement is only OK if you are genuinely interested in the product or service that is being offered in the advertisement. At least that's my opinion on the subject.

I am sure that I saw the video on Joel Comms website if you want to watch it. IF you want to know how to increase your Adsense tips in your jar check out the book Adsense Secrets. My revenue increased many times over once I began to implement the ideas and techniques that he reveals in this book.

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