Saturday, September 5, 2009

Making a Content Sandwich

There’s a trick that I learned from a Homestead user a couple of years ago about writing content. Have you ever joined any article communities like Ezine, Stock Vault or Article city? These are websites that you can copy content from, but you must give the authors credit and keep all anchor text links active.

If you understand how to apply SEO for Homestead websites, then using content from these free communities can be beneficial to you. This is where the idea of making a content sandwich comes in.

When you find a great piece of material from an article website, you can sandwich it between two pieces (or, “paragraphs”) of original text. If you optimize Homestead SiteBuilder pages well, then it’s possible to get top rankings with Google by creating your own title for the page.

Making a content sandwich is not something that I do on a regular basis because I really enjoy writing original content.

My experience, developed from working with other Homestead users, has shown me that many people do not like to write content. They do however desire to have a successful website.

Oftentimes, the clients that I train in using Intuits Homestead SiteBuilder program do not have additional money to pay someone to write articles for them. Making a content sandwich becomes a creative way for them to get enough material on the page for the search engines to pay attention to their website.

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