Monday, May 25, 2009

Content That Grips the Reader

How can we grab the attention of our readers and keep them? Content that arrests the reader is possible but there are a few things that must be done.

Make sure to read these simple but powerful techniques. They have helped increase the amount of time visitors spend on my website/blog and they will help you as well.

These tips for composing your content help you will establish the kind of relationships that will bring your readers back for more.

1) You must have a title that grips the reader and provokes their curiosity.

2) Assure them that you are an expert and give a brief testimonial of how what you have to say has helped in your life. This will establish credibility. Keep these stories brief though.

3) List how your readers can benefit from what you’re explaining.

4) Appeal to the reader’s sense of discomfort. This can often be accomplished through asking questions. Here’s an example: Do you suffer from insomnia and your work and home life are affected from your lack of sleep?

5) Use bullets and numbering.

6) Use a photo that grips the visual senses to explore more of the article.

It’s recommended to keep paragraphs structured in two to three line sections. This will keep your post from having an overwhelming appearance.

Most readers have a tendency to skim the first line in a paragraph so get the point across quickly.

There are hundreds of ways to write content that will place a hold on your visitor’s intuitive side. An article that grips the reader’s attention will cause them to bookmark your website/blog and come back for more.

Keep your content simple, to the point and be assured that these techniques will increase the amount of time people spend on your website.

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