Friday, May 22, 2009

Twitter-Get Recognized by Google Page Rank

With all the buz about Twitter- how do we get high page rank? Is it related to the number of followers we have? Does the amount of people that we are following affect the search result placements of our pages? Does deep linking to posts have an affect upon the status of where we rank in the SERPS?

Recently, I’ve been following a very interesting post at Website Babble about Twitter Link Juice. The owner of the Forum posted a an interesting video on this subject that clarifies a lot of possible misconceptions about link building using Twitter.

According to Matt Cutts the only links that have any juice value for achieving better page rank are the ones pointing to your Twitter page and posts. He explains that Google views Twits like any other website in that quality back links affect page rank.

Incidentally, if you want to learn more about Google go to their Youtube channel, Google Webmaster Central Channel and watch an assortment of videos.

Getting recognized as an important site, in relation to back links, will increase the page rank of your Twitter page and individual twits- if the recognition comes from back links.

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