Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twitter, what’s the Big Deal?

I’ve flown over to the Twitter tree and honestly don’t get it. What’s the big attraction that has people flocking to the website?

Here’s my take on it, people who sell affiliate products post links that point to whatever deal they are trying to sell.

Every person that decides to follow you (become your friend or join the flock) will have your comment’s show up on their Twitter page. So if you get 1,000,000 followers and you make a post every ten minutes, those will show up on your 1,000,000 follower’s pages every ten minutes.

Tip: Use an enticing picture for your profile. This will attract people to follow you.

It just appears that most of the people interacting on the network are posting links to their websites hoping that they will get more traffic. I have actually had twenty five visitors from the website in the past month. There is some value in getting a little traffic from there. When I combined the results with the fifty visitors that I had from Ezine Articles the benefits seemed better.

I can honestly say that I am not a daily participant with the social club, but I do drop in occasionally.

Here’s what I did to make my blog posts show on my friends Twitter pages. I went to a place called Twitter Feed and set things up so that every time I make a new blog post it automatically shows on my friends pages. I don’t have to go to the website at all, it’s an automatic feed.

Twitter SpammersEverything that starts out as a good thing eventually gets negative interaction from spammers. I clicked on a home improvement banner to follow them on Twitter and when I received a private message from them, they were only selling a product that would help you make money on Twitter. Deception will only increase as more and more affiliate marketers join in on the latest craze.

On another occasion, I decided to follow several people in another sector or niche. After I clicked on about ten people to follow, when I looked on my home page all ten had the same spammy message plastered on my home page. Grrr, I had to take time to delete each one.

So, if I had to sum things up, the big deal about Twitter is that you will get a few visitors and possibly be able to make a few dollars if they decide to purchase something from your website when they click on a link that you have posted. The more followers you get the more visitors that will find your website through clicking on your links.

Watch this video about Twitter, it sums it up nicely. The creators obviously dont' undetstand what's the big attraction either.
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