Monday, May 18, 2009

Google Webmasters with Homestead Website

The way to get things set up is by first registering with Google for a free account. Learning how to set up a webmasters tools account that corresponds with your Homestead website be beneficial to your success? Did you know that this is a great way to improve upon the amount of visitors that you have coming to your web site?

Once your account has been configured you will see an icon for webmasters tools.

You will have to go through a verification process so that your site can be authenticated. This is done by entering a code in the advanced properties editor of your Homestead website site builder that they give you during the setup process.

The Benefits of Registering Your Website
There are many great statistics that are offered once Google begins to keep track of your website data. You can have the system provide statistics for several websites withing your account.

A Listing of Links
You will be able to determine how many external links (other websites) there are linking to your site.

What are Your Most Important Keywords
There is a list showing what keywords that they view as being important on your web site.

Where are you Ranking in the Search Results
Google will tell you what the top search queries are and where your sites average position is for particular search terms. This is extremely valuable for link building.

Discover Errors that Google Finds
If there are any errors with your Homestead Website the Google webmasters tools will display what errors that they have discovered. For instance if you have broken links they will inform you.

This is Where you Add your Sitemap
This is where you can tell Google about your sitemap. If you don’t have one this Homestead sitemap tutorial will help get you going in the right direction.

There are many benefits to setting up Google webmasters tools with a Homestead website. It’s not a difficult task to undertake and the results will certainly help you build your Internet business in a way that it can be more appealing to Google’s spiders.

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