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Reduce (or, “compress”) Video Size - Homestead Website

I have had to reduce the size of several videos that I added to some Homestead website pages. You can learn to compress them by following the free video instructions provide in this article. The allowable size that can be uploaded into the SiteBuilder is 100 mega bites. So, what do you do with a large AVI video that you recorded using a screen recorder such as Cam Studio? Making the file size smaller is going to take a couple of hours of learning.
There’s a free program called Virtual Dub. Download it and then follow this tutorial from Youtube showing you How to Compress an AVI Video Using VirtualDub. How to Determine the Size of a Video FileRight click on the video icon and choose “properties” at the bottom of the menu. The file size will be abbreviated with MB for mega bites.

The process of compressing an AVI video, so that it is small enough to add to your SiteBuilder page, is going to take a while. I had an older computer, using a Penium three processor, and it took about one hour per one hundred mega bites. So a video that had a file size of 800MB took eight hours to reduce.

If the compression is done properly, the file size will be reduced to somewhere around eight to twelve mega bites for a video that is ten minutes long.
Videos recorded using the CabStudio recorder can be uploaded directly to Youtube usually without the necessity to compress the file size.

Recording videos to add to a Homestead website is a lot of fun. After you reduce a few it will become second nature. However, just like any other computer program the process of learning how to compress a video is going to take a while. You should be able to find everything that you need on the Internet. After a little trial and error you will be able to reduce the mega bites size of an AVI video with ease.

Videos usually take a couple of minutes to load and play on a Homestead/Intuit SiteBuilder web site page.

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