Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does Anyone Click on Top Page Banners

I see these 780 x 90 banners at the top of many blogs and websites constantly, I honestly cannot ever remember clicking on one of them, can you?

Do you think that they are unattractive or attractive? I suppose my answer would be unattractive. If they weren’t, I would have taken the time to click on them in the past three years of surfing the Internet.

Have you ever heard of banner blindness? I guess that the term defined means exactly what it implies; we don’t pay any attention to them unless they jump out of the flat screen and punch us in the nose.

The reason I am bringing this to our attention is because they are tacky looking and oftentimes rather irritating.

Have you seen the new flash type advertising banners that drop down over the menus at the top of the page? Isn’t it ridicules what lengths product marketing designers will go to in order to try to get our attention?

If you want to add advertising to your Homestead websites pages, either in the form of Adsense or Commissions Junction affiliate links, consider using the HTML codes provided for text ads. Surveys suggest that more people click on them anyway.

Now, I must admit that I have on one occasion been the victim of purchasing something from a banner advertisement, but the ad was located at the bottom of an article about how to make money with Adsense. It was the best purchase I ever made.

Before you decide to add an unattractive image advertisement at the top of your Homesteads website pages, stop and ask yourself this question: “have I ever clicked on a banner at the top of a website page?”

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