Monday, April 27, 2009

Internet Marketers Growing Pains

I am discovering that as an Internet marketer there are many growing pains which accompany the dreams of online success. Large companies such as Amazon, Homestead, or Google that we depend upon to promote our products, sometimes make changes which affect us in negative ways. The same is true of positive reinforcement relating to our products through changes that these corporations make.

Issues of Control

Every day the bank account is increasing as the Paypal sales rise, the Adsense earnings climb and the affiliate banners convert. One of the biggest issues an Internet marketer deals with is that of not having much control over the surprise of an unexpected email saying that your account has been suspended because you have stretched the guidelines too far.

I recently learned that Ben Hart, an expert at teaching Google Adwords techniques, had his Adwords campaigns, suddenly and totally stopped by the compliance team. Thousands of dollars instantly began to diminish as thousands of advertisements stopped converting sales for his company. What a shock that would be to discover an email saying that your source of income has just been cut off.

Would you freak out?

In the past couple of months, Joel Comm has had his share of challenges as well. One of his recent blog posts gave great detail about what suddenly happened when his Facebook account was terminated. Just this week Amazon sent him a notice that his account was on suspension for stretching the guidelines, as well.

I had a good friend of mine that invested thousands of hours into setting up Google Adsense on many websites, only to awaken to the alarming news that his account was frozen for one reason or another. He threw in the towel without giving me any details.

I too have recently been the victim of being under the control of a large Internet service provider who made changes to my account. After building a huge email list and sending out mass emails exceeding 3000 pepople every day, my service provider sent me an email saying that someone had sent in a spam complaint, so my account was suspended. But to take it to a higher level, they also informed me that I was violating the terms of use for their email system by sending so many letters out everyday.

Internet Marketers Need to Read The Rules

In each of the above cases, somewhere in the guidelines of these large companies an Internet marketer needed to read and understand the rules and abide by them. In my case, I had no idea that there were limits placed on the number of emails that I could send in a certain period of time. Why, because I had never read the parameters that the company had me agree to when I chose to use them.

Ben Hart has since gotten his Adwords account going again. He contacted Google and is being given another chance because he is willing to work on Google's terms. From what I understand about Joel Comm, he got his Facebook account reinstated and the issue with Amazon is in its infant stages. Those are just a few of the many Internet marketers issues that I am aware of related to having business growing pains. With one or two clicks of a mouse these large companies can exert control over our websites. We must read and understand the rules set in place for Internet marketers if we want to have a certain amount of control over our success.

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