Sunday, April 26, 2009

Active Links in Homestead Hmail Email

Learning how to make (or,"create") active links that can be clicked in the Homestead Hmail email system will provide convenience for your recipients. I personally have found that this feature is quick and easy to apply to my newsletters. By creating a URL that is connected to my websites, inside my emails, hundreds of visitors are brought to my pages with one click.

Creating Links in a Homestead Email Account

I have tried repeatedly to formulate an active text link and in the process have discovered that creating links with anchor text in Homesteads email is not possible. Here is the method that I did discover which works for making a URL click-able.

1) Login into your Hmail account.
2) Click on "New" this will open the window where you compose the email.
3) Click on "options" at the top of the page, to the right of the menu bar.
4) Select "Format As HTML."
5) Your link must be written like this Place the cursor at the right end of the URL and hit the space bar once. This will activate the URL and make it a click-able link.

There is not anyway to make an active anchor text link inside the Hmail system. You will only be able to make a URL click-able in the Homestead email account.

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