Friday, April 24, 2009

Someone Stole My Content

I see this every now and again in blogs and forums,"someone stole my content." I'm so tired of crooks ripping me off. Many of the articles and videos that I have labored to produce have been taken by lazy, lowlifes who are looking for an easy buck. The websites where the thieves place our materials, without permission, are loaded with affiliate links and banners. They do this just to make an easy buck.

As I have progressed at getting top rankings with the search engines, because of the implementing techniques found in the SEO Extreme Video Series, there has been an increase in this type of activity. The content and video thieves know outstanding materials will bring traffic to their sites.

Not long ago someone stole one of my articles and got number one placement on Google for many keyword phrases. I had invested several hours into this particular writing. I also put a few dollars out and paid someone to edit it for me. This post that I launched had value attached to it.

When I discovered the blog where the thief had placed my perfectly optimized article, I went after them like Rambo or the Terminator. Because of the continual pressure that I was forced to apply, they eventually removed the article from their site.

Enforcing Internet standards on behalf of our own materials take loads of time. I don't pursue correcting every act where someone invades my space and steals materials that I have produced. I do however occasionally get focused on these online pirates enough to take them down with persistence.

This incident was not the first time someone stole something that I published onto the Internet and I'm sure it won't be the last. There was a certain amount of satisfaction that came with the victory. It always feels better to make a stand for what we know to be right rather than ignore the obvious law breakers. We are responsible to police our materials and protect them. If someone is stealing from us, it's our position to enforce proper Internet standards on our own behalf.

Has someone stolen from you online?

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