Saturday, April 25, 2009

Using Video to Promote Your Website

So, are you using video technology to promote your niche and increase visitors to your website? If you're not then your missing out on a great way to drive people to your site. Ways of increasing visitors to our websites are constantly changing.

Youtube is considered the second largest search engine on the World Wide Web. That should tell us something right there. Where do you go to find information about how to do something? I often login to Youtube to find information. Recently, I did a search for videos about Lasik Eye and also how to build cabinets. I found everything I needed to know within moments.
Have you noticed that videos are in the top of the results pages in Google's findings often? So, not only do we get traffic from Youtube, but we also get top placements with Google. The benefits are double when it comes to having better exposure on the Internet.

I recently watched a video from one of Youtubes staff members. They said that the title of the video is what is the most important to the search engines. If your keyword phrase is in the title, your chances of success are good.

Always use the more info section to give a brief description of the video and include a link to your website. The link must be written this way, It should also be at the top of the paragraph.

The Homestead Users Marketing Center is loaded with many beneficial tools that will help you increase visitors. One of which is a link to a free screen recorder download. This is the same one that I use to produce the video tutorials on Youtube about Homestead Websites.

Using videos to drive people to your website is a powerful way to build trust as well. It gives us all an opportunity to judge the character of the individuals who are behind the scenes.

Here is one of the tutorials we have on how to Add Youtube Videos to a Homestead Website.

Secret Classroom

Homestead Users Videos



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