Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Different Browsers-part 3

Your Homestead website pages need to be checked to see what they look like in different browsers. Internet Explorer and Firefox are the two main web page viewers that people use. The reason that you must do this is because your pages “will” look different when viewed with Fire Fox if your building your site using IE.

The Site Builder feature that usually creates difficulty is the HTML insert. It is used for adding Youtube Videos, Adsense, Affiliate Banners or anything that is written in HTML or Java Script. Usually, the insert box will be about 1/2” lower when viewed with Fire Fox in comparison to what it will look like in Internet explorier.

How to check your Homestead website in different browsers. Go to a website called Browser Shots and join. It is totally free to become a member. If you skip signing up and just start using the service, you will eventually have to join because you are only allowed so many "browser shots" in a secession. When you are a member, you can view as many websites that you want in a day. This is the easiest and fastest way to check a Homestead websites look in various browsers.
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