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What's Google Doing In May? Avoid Getting Slapped

This is going to be a huge crackdown on scams and spam. So, what's Google doing in May? They have to clean up the Internet so that the search engines will deliver websites with quality content. If you look at the Internet world like the natural world that we live in, regulations must be set into place and inforced. So, I guess that we could look at the giant company as the government of the Internet community.

Pay attention so you can avoid the "Google Salp In May."

We are going to see some Internet changes happening in the next couple of months. The intent of what is happening in a few months is going to be for the good of the online world. During a recent conference call, hosted by Ben Hart, he suggested that 90% of the stuff on the Internet is garbage.

When we go to a search engine and type in a term, we want to find quality websites in the top of the results pages. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. So, when May comes around it's time to get a few things cleaned up. There are too many websites bending the rules and way too many sites that are all about posting advertisements and making money.

Think about it this way. If every subdivision and neighborhood was plastered with giant advertisements and billboards the world would be really tackey and distasteful looking. Well, Google doesn't want the Internet to be tackey and distasteful to searchers eye in the Interenet world.

Apparently, this is a normal procedure for this giant billion dollar company though. A couple of years ago, many Internet businesses were effected by changes that were made to get things cleaned up. According to Ben, these were million dollar makers, who in an instant were negatively effected by the changes that were made to the results that were displayed when people did a search. Sites that were at the top making millions of dollars, off of free traffic, were plunged because they did not meet the Internet standards that were being enforced by this mega giant search engine.

So in May the goal is to stamp out fraudulent sites that are not producing a quality experience for their customers. Google's real customers are people doing searches. If the search results are not quality websites, in the top positions then Google begins to fail because people won't use them. Basically, if their search program stinks, then people won't use them.

There are going to be human eyes, Google's employees, looking at all of the Adwords advertisements and landing pages. Staff members will be reviewing the top sites in the search results to determine if they are in line with the companies guidelines. The websites ranking in top positions are going to have to be nice looking, in other words, they cannot be messy looking websites. If they are they will be removed from the top rankings. The staff will be looking to see if your website is actually adding value to the searcher.

Types of businesses that will be slammed or slapped in May

People collecting email addresses without a privacy policy are in danger of being slammed. From what I understand, sites that have squeeze pages will be hurdled hundreds of pages back in the results. In other words, people whose primary purpose is to collect an email address are in huge danger of getting slapped. Sites that are offering free products that are not their own, just for the purpose of collecting email address, will be hit with a negative effect.

Duplicate content sites are going to get slammed. You know the ones I'm talking about, they create websites that are all duplicate content from article sites and very little of the content, if none at all, is really original.

Get rich quick claims will be slammed in May.

Diet sites and health sites that are promising the moon and making false claims are in danger of loosing top placements.

MLM (or, “multi level marketing”) business models are in real danger. Not the mega MLMs like Market America or Shacklee. But the ones who are set up soley for the purpose of feeding off of one another to make money are going to get hammered.

Websites created specifically to sell other people's products are going to be in danger. These are affiliate sites.

Hidden links will be something that will affect how a website ranks. This type of practice has been considered black hat in the Internet world for a while now.

Keyword stuffing will negatively effect rankings.

Business that collect leads for other businesses will get shut down. You've seen the sites where you may win prizes in exchange for your email addresses. Once they collect your email, then it gets sold to other businesses. These are the types of websites that will not survive this upcoming Internet clean-up operation.

Survey Sites that are really only a bunch of affiliate links are going to be removed from the top of the results pages.

“Submit site services” will be cracked down on. These are websites that promise to submit your website to the search engines in exchange for money, when in reality you can submit them for free yourself.

Complete contact information on your website or blog is going to be something that affects your status.
Google wants people to know who you are if your selling something, especially if Adsense advertisements are on your website. Legitimate business don't hide their contact information.

A customer service area is going to be a valuable thing to have on your site. Here again, every legitimate business has a service area or customer support team, so our sites will need them too.

These are just a few of the hundreds if not thousands of things that Google will be looking at on our websites. Make adjustments now so you can avoid being slapped in May. It's time to clean up the debris and clutter online. No one likes to hang out in a place where there is a bunch of garbage. So that's just a taste of what Google's doing in May.

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