Thursday, February 19, 2009

Try Starting a Wordpress Blog

If you want to get an amazing traffic blast try starting a Wordpress Blog. The graph above shows what has happened in a two month period since I started my blog using Godaddy as the hosting provider. I must tell you though I had to apply SEO techniques to get to the place that I am already. Look at the graph, I hit a high of 148 visitors with an average of 100 per day in just two short months.

Here's is why I feel I have achieved such a great level of success with this blog program. When I started the site called, Fix My Cabinet, I set a goal to publish an article every two days. It has been an easy task to meet my goal because this is something that I know a lot about. I have filled the pages with loads of content already So much so that Google has already recognized me as an authority site and Yahoo has indexed over 800 back links to my pages because I am considered a specialist in the cabinetry industry.

Here's how you can start a blog by Wordpress. Go to Godaddy ( Hosting Plans),
set up an account, purchase your domain name (Go Daddy $7.49 .com Sale!)
and get tech support to help you get your Wordpress blog into working order. There are four plug ins that will need to be installed.

1) All In One SEO Pack
2) Google Analyticator
3) Wp-SpamFree
4) Yet Another Related Post Plugin

It is possible to start a Free Wordpress Blog but it is better to have your own domain name. If you register for the free blog your domain will be a sub domain of Wordpress. It is always better to own the main domain because the search engines offer better placement for the main .com rather than the sub domain name.

By starting a blog you can easily publish content every day. Wordpress is an amazing tool that the search engines like so if your niche is not too competitive and you write loads of optimized content you will have a great opportunity to become an authority in your niche and have loads of traffic too.

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