Monday, February 16, 2009

Have You Visited Copy Blogger Yet? I'm a regular visitor

One of the finest places on the planet to get great information about blogging is Copy Blogger. If you haven't visited the blog yet, you need too. Every time I visit, I'm inspired to write about something. Today it just happens to be about how I stop by this site once every two days to get inspiration and reminders of the importance of publishing content. You see I'm a regular visitor to this inspirational website.

Here is just a small opening paragraph from a blog post called, "Contents Are Hot."
"Sure, your content needs to be useful. Yes, absolutely, it needs to improve your readers’ lives. And without a doubt, it needs to strengthen your relationship with your content community."

Now that's what I'm talking about, doesn't that just stir you to want more? If so, you can read the entire article here at Hot Content. This particular post, at Copy Blogger, is directing the readers focus toward the value of including a photo that is shocking, startling, intriguing or offensive, in your article posts. Here's how inspirational this site is to me, in this post I have included a photo. If you look at any posts previous to today's date, you will not find photos on this site.

Go check them out, it's an amazing place to soak up loads of information as it relates to building websites, marketing and publishing articles to the Internet. Copy Blogger may just become a frequent place that you visit once you've tasted of the goodness that the blog has to offer. Copy Blogger was refereed to me by community forum called Website Babble. I am so thankful that someone made a post about them.

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