Saturday, June 20, 2009

Homestead Bulk Email Restrictions Solution- Aweber

Homestead temporarily suspended my email account because of the amount of subscribers that I was sending emails to on a daily basis. I did not know it but the restrictions on the account only allow users to send fifty emails at one time.

One of my lists for daily youth devotions had grown to over 3500 subscribers.

The compliance team for Homestead put the clamps down and I was forced to find a different email service to send out the mass mailings with every day.

What started out to be a headache turned into a blessing. I found Aweber!

If you have never heard of Aweber their system is amazing. You can send unlimited bulk emails and the beauty of it is that you can totally automate everything. This is a step up from what I had to contend with when I was using the Homestead newsletter system combined with H-mail.

With Aweber you create a form that you can embed on your Sitebuilder page using the HTML code that is created with your custom form selections. It’s very easy to do. When someone submits an email address they are automatically (instantly) sent an email that you have created. Then, you design follow up emails and choose when they will be sent after the first email that your subscriber opts in with.

In order to send bulk emails out to my list of subscribers with Homestead I had to login in everyday and create a new email and send it. This is a great feature that they provide to us, but because of the amount of emails that I send daily, finding Aweber is the best thing that could have happened to me.

I am grateful to the compliance team for placing restrictions on my account which forced me to find Aweber as a solution to the problem.

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