Friday, June 12, 2009

Can’t Download SiteBuilder Update-Possible Solution

Every once in a while Homestead updates the SiteBuilder program and we can’t publish a website page until we upgrade to the new configuration. But what should you do if you close the window and reopen it and it won’t download the new features? This recently happened to me and I have a few possible solutions to share with you.

What can be done when a Homestead SiteBuilder update won't load?
I discovered this first option by contacting tech support. After asking me several questions, the phone technician suggest that I open my SiteBuilder and click on the help tab at the top of the page. As the menu dropped down, I was directed to click on the selection that said, “Force Update.” This was the first solution that was attempted and it failed.
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Tip: Do not delete and download the program again before trying the next suggestion.

I tried to do the previous suggestion while I had the Homestead representative on the phone, when it failed I then asked, “what now?” He then proceeded to suggest that I go into my computer and under “add/remove programs,” delete the SiteBuilder that was installed on my PC. Then, he suggested that I download the program again.

Well, being a computer operator for some time now, I thought that there might be an easier solution. So, I asked him if he thought that if I restarted my computer and booted it up again if that would help. He replied, “Possibly, give it a try.”

I restarted my windows 2000 program, logged into my SiteBuilder and the new update began to download. Once it finished I opened the website page that I had previously been trying to publish and it worked. I can’t believe that I almost went through removing the program and reinstalling it. My suggestion had worked and a solution was accomplished.

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