Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Choose Keyword Phrases for a Homestead Website

Here is a great way to choose popular keyword phrases for your Homestead website that will be relevant to your niche topic. Go to Google and type in your first idea for a keyword phrase. You will see a menu drop down as you are entering the term in the search box.

The suggested phrases that drop-down are the most popular terms that are searched for on Google’s search engine.

Open up one of the search engine results pages that are displayed and then study the competition’s websites to see what it is that they are focusing on for their keyword phrases. Begin to write down phrases that you think someone would type into a search box to find your Homestead website.

Now begin to expand them by adding keyword modifiers. Use words like, best, fastest, most popular, men, and women to modify your keyword phrases. This is called creating a long tail keyword phrase. The more of these that you can create, the better your chances are of being found by people searching for information or services related to your niche.

As an example, if your niche market was centered around being a massage therapist, then keyword modifiers might be words that relate to the geographic location that you are located in, such as your city or state. Other modifiers could include genders and age groups such as teens, middle aged, senior citizens or youth that would expand your keyword phrases.

Taking time to choose good keyword phrases that are related to your niche will be the live flow that helps bring traffic to your site. Just think off it in terms of putting fuel in a car, the more you add to the tank the farther you will go. The same principle applies to the content that is put on your Homestead website, the more keyword phrases that you can focus on the better your chances of getting more visitors to your website.

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