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Things That Keep A Homestead Website From Being A Success

So you've built your website, published your pages onto the Internet and now your going to have thousands of visitors coming your way, right? That's not the way it works because there are things that keep your Homestead website from being a success. Don't let this statement bother you though because in the next few paragraphs I am going to offer some suggestions. If you follow them, you will descover reasons why your website is not successful

-Keyword phrases were not selected for each page.
-You used the “Apply To All” feature in the “Properties Editor.”
-The Homestead built in “Navigation” feature is Java script and search engines cannot find your pages because you have used this linking system.
-Not Enough content...
-You have not created a site map.
-Not optimizing your pages for search engine appeal.

Learn From The Experts

First and fore most, learn from the Homestead experts. There are many places to get materials that can help with your abilities to succeed with your service or product on the Internet. One such product is called SEO Extreme Video Series. This set was specifically design for the Homestead websites user. Here's what I learned right up font when I started learning about how to succeed with the SiteBuilder program. There are many articles on the Internet offering techniques for success but it takes months to try to connect them all together and make them work. By purchasing a ready made product giving you step by step information of exactly how to succeed with Homestead websites, you can be successful a lot quicker and with less frustration.

The Starting Place For Homestead Website Beginners

If your a Homestead website beginner here are a few tips that will get you going in the right direction to having a successful site.

1) Get an education concerning Keywords and keyword phrases. I love to use Word Tracker!

2) Learn how to use “Header Tags.” Watch this video about How to add header tags to a Homestead website

3) Learn how to create and add a site map to your SiteBuilder & Google. Here's an excellent Tutorial about adding a site map to Homestead websites.

4) Learn about SEO (or, “search engine optimization”) to get top rankings with Google, Yahoo and MSN. There is complete video series called SEO Extreme Video Series which is all about Homestead websites optimization.

Here's what you can expect if you learn from the pros.

A) Get more pages picked up by the search engines

B) Rank higher with Google, MSN & Yahoo...I mean be on the front page of the search engine results!

C) More traffic to your web site.

D) Make more money if your selling a product or service

E) Reach more people with your valuable information.

Do a quick search for things related to Homestead websites and you will find that I have written many articles concerning things that are important to your success with the SiteBuilder program. In my experience, I failed when I tried to compile a bunch of free articles about website success on my own. The magic happened when I learned from the experts who know what to do inside and outside of the Homestead websites program. I couldn't believe that a small investment could make so much of a difference.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

How To Increase Homestead Websites Revenue

Homestead Websites Optimization Video Series

So here is what I have recently discovered, an increase in targeted visitors will increase Homestead websites revenue. It's not so much about the price of the product that you are selling but it's all about the amount of targeted traffic you drive to your Homestead websites pages. Here is something very valuable that I learned from studying Internet Success Stories, you can have your site covered with affiliate ads and Adsense, Bidvertiser or Adbrite advertisements but without increasing amounts of traffic, your profits will not increase. I began to realize this truth when I posted a few ads on Craigslist. It was amazing how a couple of posts brought hundreds of visitors to my sites and I experienced an increase in revenue. Now that was largely due to the Craigslist advertisements being free. However, the more content I produce the more visitors I attract to my pages. When I check my Real Tracker statistics, I am noticing that people are coming in from blogs, forums, Craigslist, Yahoo, Google,Youtube and MSN.

Here is an amazing video about creating a network around your nitch. This guy knows what he is talking about when it comes to increasing visitors which will in turn increase Homestead websites revenue.

More Free Videos About Homestead Websites
The pros all know that it takes time to create a network around a product or nitch but the benefits in the long run will be increased visitors which will mean increase revenue.

Of course you can use Googles Adwords program to promote your Homestead websites products or services but you need to be educated at how to be successful online. This is a great way to increase your traffic but may not necessarily bring an increase in revenue. One of the techniques that I have seen people use is they create what is called a squeeze page. This is a page designed solely to collect email addresses. It can be effective to run Adwords advertisements if you collect email addresses. That way if they don't purchase your product or services when they land on your pages you can try to sell to them later through email.

So that's it in a nut shell. The way to increase Homestead revenue is by increasing targeted traffic (or, "visitors). There are unknown amounts of articles and tutorials about this subject scattered throughout the Internet world. It really just takes focus and dedication to learning more about how to increase in revenue and visitors. Some trial and error in cautious ways always helps too.

Website Products For Homestead Users

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Optimizing Homestead Websites-Part 3 Links

Homestead Websites Optimization Video Series
A major key to optimizing Homestead websites is building links. This is a very time consuming process but necessary. Planning time to focus upon creating external links is a must if you want to get higher rankings with search engines. Also how the internal links are formatted is important.

Internal links are the word phrases within your website that people use to navigate to various sections of your site.

What are external links? These are clickable paths that bring people into your pages from other sites. The best types are the ones that actually use your key word phrases in the text. If you are new to all of this it may take a little while to learn how to create these external links using your keyword phrases. Use Word Tracker to help you choose the best keywords relating to your content. The fastest and easiest way I have discovered to create these links is by creating accounts with free blog platforms. Here's an example. Homestead Websites Tips is a keyword phrase that I have linked to take you to another blog platform that I manage. By typing the keyword phrase "Homestead Websites Tips" and linking it to my other blog about Homestead websites I have just created an external link using a keyword phrase. When the search engines spider that blog and find the keyword phrase linked and pointing to my other blog, they will consider the phrase to be important because it is a link.

Here are three places that I have found to be easy places to create these external links pointing to my pages using keyword phrases.

Optimizing Homestead Websites-Places To Create Links
1) Wordpress free blogging
2) Blogspot
3) Forums

A quick word about forums:

Not all forums allow you to create active links, so find the ones that will. The Homestead Connection Forum is a great place to interact with like minded friends and create text links pointing to your pages. I published an article using the keyword phrase Forums About Homestead Websites. In the article I gave my personal testimony of how this forum has impacted my life. Make sure to find time to explore the many benefits that the forum has to offer.

Optimizing pages that will get high rankings with the search engines is going to take a considerable investment of time. You will need to learn how to create HTML clickable links because some forums and blogs will not automatically create them just by highlighting the text. One last point about your Homestead websites and links, it is important to create links on sites that have a high Google page rank. To see what the page rank is for a site, you will need to download the Google tool bar.
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Here are a few more examples of keyword phrase links.
Websites About:
Lasik Eye
Best Singles Sites
Surgery Surgeons
Used Guitars
Music Stores

Adsense Secrets 4 - Recurring Top 1% Commissions

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Optimize Homestead Websites Part 2

Homestead Websites Optimization Video Series
In order to optimize Homestead websites properly you must learn how to add H1, and h2 tags. These are special html codes that are entered into the advanced section of your properties editor. When I began to use the h1 (or, "header tags") with my Homestead websites I began to climb to the top of the search engines pages. Google, Yahoo and other search engines look for these tags in the html code to determine what is important on your page. In the previous lesson, on optimizing Homestead Websites, we talked about choosing key word phrases for your website. The keyword phrases should be entered as one h1 tag and two h2 tags in the advanced properties editor. The h1 should be your most important keyword phrase and the two h2 tags should be the others. These headers are like what you would see in the news paper giving the title of the article. The size and color can be altered by using the correct code combinations. It really is simple once you understand where to add the code and what it is.

I have created two videos and a PDF giving the exact instructions on how to add Header tags to your website. Go to Website Products For Homestead Users
Part 1 Optimization For Homestead Websites
Part 2 Optimize Homestead Websites
Part 3 Optimizing Homestead Websites

Adsense Secrets 4 - Recurring Top 1% Commissions

Instant Article Wizard
Everything That's Good
Forums about Homestead Websites

A few of my sites Homestead Websites
Lasik Eye
Best Singles Sites
Surgery Surgeons
Used Guitars
Music Stores

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Optimization For Homestead Websites-Part 1

Website Products For Homestead Users

In this beginning series about optimization for Homestead Websites I am going to focus on three keys. Optimizing a website is a very involved task that requires an immense amount of study but the results eventually will be worth the effort. The internet is loaded with information about how to get better search engine results but the Homestead website program has some features that armatures are not aware of that will help them. I will reveal a few of the basics that will help get you off on the right track.

1) It is important to determine three keyword phrases that you feel people will use when searching for the information that you have on your page. This is how search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN determine what your placement will be. When your keyword phrases match what the seeker is trying to find the search engines pair them up and your chances are increased to be found. There is a term called SERPS, this term defined means "search engine results pages." The better your pages are optimized for your keywords the higher up your ranking will be

2) Your content should have no less than 300 words, 500 to 800 is even better. Your keyword phrases should not be over used in the content. If they are used to many times within a certain amount of content the search engine spiders will not process your page.

3) When choosing your phrases try to limit them to two or three words each. If you can be specific with your descriptions the better your chances of success. What I mean is, if your website is about MP3 players, your chances are better if your keyword phrase says Black Mp3 Players, rather than Mp3 players.

When studying about optimization for Homestead websites I recommend that you purchase the SEO Extreme Video Series. The teachings can be found on the Homestead Users website or click on the banner top right on this page. It is specifically for Homestead Website optimization.

Part 1 Optimization For Homestead Websites
Part 2 Optimize Homestead Websites
Part 3 Optimizing Homestead Websites

Adsense Secrets 4 - Recurring Top 1% Commissions

Watch a video on: Youtube Videos on Homestead Websites
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How To Add a Youtube Video To Homestead Websites

Website Products For Homestead Users
Instant Article Wizard

With these simple steps you will learn how to add a Youtube video to Homestead websites. We hope our this article will help you master the process quickly. Please make sure that you read the guidelines set forth by Youtube especially if you are planning on using the videos on websites that have advertisements on them or are commercial in nature.

1) Discover the clip that you would like to place on your website. Find what is referred to as the "Embed" code. Highlight the code and copy it.

2) In the Homestead Websites Site Builder file manager, locate the icon at the top of the page which looks like a sheet of paper with a cross on it. This tool is called, View Add images And Files Elements. Drop down and click on insert HTML. A box will appear on the screen, click on the box.

3) In the page properties to the right click on enter or paste HTML. This is where you place the embed code to add Youtube videos on Homestead Websites. Delete the text "place your html snipit here" and paste your Youtube code in the box. Notice that the code has a video screen size. You can adjust the width and height of your html box to match the size of the Youtube video clip. This can be done by entering numbers in the boxes in the page properties editor or by adjusting the box with your mouse.

4) Place the box on your page where you want it and click on preview or publish your page.

Adding a Youtube video to a Homestead Website is just that easy. To add a video from your computer is an entirely different process which takes up more memory and slows down the loading time of your pages. When ever possible always try to use a flash video service such as Youtube, Google, Yahoo or AOL.
Homestead Websites Optimization

Watch a video on: Youtube Videos on Homestead Websites

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Leaving Adsense Tips In The Jar

Adsense Secrets 4 - Recurring Top 1% Commissions

Have you heard Joel Comm refer to Adsense revenue as tips in the jar. I saw one of Joels free DVDs and in the presentation, he even had a tip jar on the table with plenty of change in it. His Adsense revenue monthly is $20,000, that's a lot of "change in exchange."

So often I wonder, do people feel some sort of obligation to compensate the webmaster with a click or two because they have created a really enjoyable site? This then leads me to wonder how many of the clicks on an Adsense ad really are genuine. Webmasters surfing the web are knowledgeable about Adsense revenues. The ads are there for people to be able to purchase the product in the ad not for compensating the webmaster who put the ad on his or her site. Some how it all works out to be fair though and the morals of the clicker are really the root of the issue.

Leaving Adsense Tips in the jar by clicking on someones advertisement is only OK if you are genuinely interested in the product or service that is being offered in the advertisement. At least that's my opinion on the subject.

I am sure that I saw the video on Joel Comms website if you want to watch it. IF you want to know how to increase your Adsense tips in your jar check out the book Adsense Secrets. My revenue increased many times over once I began to implement the ideas and techniques that he reveals in this book.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Add Adsense To A Homestead Website

Instant Article Wizard

It is really easy to add Adsense to a Homestead website. First thing to do is to create a Google Adsense account. Practice working with creating advertisements and learn how to create an HTML ad code. The program is really easy to work with.

In the Homestead site builder program, click on the Icon at the top of the screen that has a cross in it. This is called edit images and files. Scroll down and click on add HTML. Then to the right of the screen you will see, in the properties editor, a tab at the top that says enter HTMl, click on it. Paste the HTML code that you have already created in your Google Adsense account into the box. To the right in the properties editor alter the height and width to accommodate the size add that you will be using. When you add Adsense to a homestead website it may take a few minutes for the advertisement to appear. Google recommends allowing 10 minutes. That's all there is to it.

Video Homestead Adsense

Adsense Secrets 4 - Recurring Top 1% Commissions
Adsense and Homestead work out fine together. The process of adding the advertisements is rather simple once you learn the Google Adsense program and how it works with Homestead.

Build A Website

Homestead Website Sitemap

Monday, April 28, 2008

Creating A Successful Homestead Mailing List

Instant Article Wizard

Here is how I was able to create a successful Homestead Website mailing list

1) Turn your passion into useful content-I took something that I was passionate about and began to write daily tips that could be beneficial to others who had the same interests. I got a good friend involved to help with editing. I would write 5 days worth at a time and email them to her. She would edit them, send them back and I would create the daily email pages.

2) Work the online communities- Once I had about a months worth ready, I began to participate in communities where there were like minded people. I would attach links to my posts about my daily offerings and also send some IMs. I was careful to not be direct with my offer, I hate the word SPAM, especially when the letters are capitalized, in bold print, and pointing back at me. I found My Space to be a great place to attract some new sign-ups because they had 5 communities of people with the same interests as me.

3) Get your list of people involved
-Once my friends list grew to the point of about 50 people, I asked them all to send out some notices to their friends who may be interested in receiving the daily emails. All of this was happening before I knew anything about SEO (search engine optimization)

4) Learn about optimization-I purchased a book that I found in the The Homestead Connection Forum called SEO Building Blocks. This book is specifically designed to help Homestead users understand how to get better rankings in the SERPS ( search engines results pages). Traffic to my page increased from 1 visitor a day to 40 per day, in about 3 months. This traffic all comes from Google, Yahoo and MSN. Get the book, it is worth the small investment!

5) Design one important page promote- I created one page that had several key word phrases in it and began to apply what I had learned about optimizing a Homestead website. Within three months the page went to the top of the search engines results and I began to get several sign-ups a day.

6) Continued to add to the daily tips- While all this was happening, I continued to focus on writing the useful tips that every one was interested in.

I had no real knowledge or education about getting people to sign-up for a mailing list. I basically was following my heart and one of my passions in life. The Homestead newsletter feature is very easy to work with and, as always, the tech support is incredible. Answers about using the mailing list feature were very easy to get with a simple phone call. My current list to date is up to almost 800 recipients. Ocassionally, I will add in some Adsense to the daily mailers and make a few dollars which help with the cost of owning a website.
Homestead Websites Optimization

Membership Site 1-2-3

The Homestead Connection Forum
Website Products Homestead Users

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Traffic Homestead Website

7 Tips to increasing traffic to a homestead website

First I would like to say that it takes dedication to increase traffic to any website. One of the first things to learn is some basics for optimizing. There are many ways to increase traffic to a Homestead website, these are just a few suggestions.

By implementing these techniques in one day, I increase the traffic to my site from an average of 28 visitors to 156 each day. These types of statistics will not remain unless you continually put forth the effort to keep the numbers up. Once you have plenty of visitors it is a good idea to implement Adsense ( Adsense on Homestead Website?)

1) Yahoo Answers

Yahoo has a site set up where people interact by posting questions and getting answers. This is a great way to increase traffic to your Homestead website! Be careful how you approach this. They will close your account if you post too many URL (your website address) references. You just have to be very creative in how you mention your sites. It is fun to participate in the Yahoo Answers chat area. I get several visitors a day to my sites this way.

2) Craig's List

I increased traffic to my used guitar site by three times the normal amount in two days. The average visitors went from 56 per day to 165 per day. Along with the increase in traffic, I also had an increase in Adsense revenue. DO NOT abuse this website or they will ban your email address and IP address. Only post occasionally and follow their guidelines.

3) Post Comments In Forums

Find forums and post comments regularly, especially if the site has a high Google page rank. Attach links to your sites in the signature sections of your profile. I can't exactly say that my forum posts are always as interesting as this blog. A good title will get people to take a quick glance at your post and the links you have included below your signature will bring them to your site.

4) Comment On Blogs

I found several blogs that have high traffic flow. Most blogs will allow you to include the URL of your website. It gets linked to your name. The linked title is actually in large bold print. Apparently this is a way that blog owners attract people like us who want to create links everywhere to their blogs.

5) Optimizing Homestead Websites

It is very important to learn how to arrange your content using keywords and keyword phrases. This will make your pages more appealing to Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are several articles on this blog about Homestead websites that will teach you some valuable tips for optimizing.

6) Start A News Letter

Two years ago I began writing free youth devotions for a sight called Prayer For Youth. Today I have over 6000 subscribers that I email a devotion to everyday. This has brought a huge amount of daily traffic to the website. Aweber is the best email marketing company on the Internet.

7) Increase Traffic Using Youtube Videos

I have increased traffic Using Youtube to this blog by 100% in just two short months. Creating videos that people are attracted to will cause them to follow various links that you have posted inside of the "More Info" section of your description area.

Increasing traffic to a Homestead website is going to take an investment of your time. Not just time invested in building website pages, but also creating external links and studying SEO. Just be patient and eventually the visitors will increase. I think the search engines wait a while to see how active your site is going to be before they give you special treatment. Keep building links, study SEO for Homestead Websites and generate lots of content and videos. Do not get discouraged! It just takes some time for things to start taking off.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ten Reasons Why I Use Homestead Websites

It's free-Homestead Website Ebook

Here are ten great reasons I use Homestead Websites. This is a testimonial about homestead websites. When you finish these make sure to read this Homestead website review.

1) The tech support is amazing. Every time I have a question, they are just a phone call away. There is always someone who is a trained professional at building Homestead Websites, to help. I have talked to there tech support team many times and always gotten a quick answer to my questions.

2) The resources they provide for building a site are included in the price and in the site builder. The first night when I decided to try building a Homesteads website, I became addicted to the creativity that is available through this company's site builder. There are thousands of photos available to use along with thousands of templates for many types of sites. It is so easy to add videos, music audios news letters, chat rooms, special order forms and Pay Pal.. Visit Cabbage Palm Glass-Sarasota Stained Glass website and you will see many of the features used that i just mentioned

3) Everything is point, click, and drag. The simplicity of the site builder program is so easy that my 14 year old son started building a site within minutes. There is a video tutorial along with a very easy to understand help section.

4) They have articles that give step by step instructions on how to get visitors to start coming to the site.

5) I pay for my Homestead service with Google Adsense advertisements. . I started making money online by placing advertisements on my websites. Check out my Used Guitars community and see what I am talking about.

6) I was able to create a sign-up section for daily devotions. I now have over 700 people every day that receive daily devotions for teens that I wrote. All of the recipients are automatically emailed with one email entry. I simply place the link for the devotional in the email, hit send and wala! 700 subscribers wake up with a devotion in there mail box.

7) I added a video section that was so easy to create from hundreds of videos on the Internet. Check out my Christian Videos pages.

8) This music artists site was created by a website designer using the service. Check this out,

9) Google, Yahoo and MSN all have my sites in there search results pages. Many of my pages are in the top ten out of millions of other sites. This is due to Homesteads superb outline on how to optimize your website for search engines.

Excellent article hereHomestead website review.

Build A Website
Videos for Homestead Users


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