Thursday, August 7, 2008

Optimize Homestead Websites Part 2

Homestead Websites Optimization Video Series
In order to optimize Homestead websites properly you must learn how to add H1, and h2 tags. These are special html codes that are entered into the advanced section of your properties editor. When I began to use the h1 (or, "header tags") with my Homestead websites I began to climb to the top of the search engines pages. Google, Yahoo and other search engines look for these tags in the html code to determine what is important on your page. In the previous lesson, on optimizing Homestead Websites, we talked about choosing key word phrases for your website. The keyword phrases should be entered as one h1 tag and two h2 tags in the advanced properties editor. The h1 should be your most important keyword phrase and the two h2 tags should be the others. These headers are like what you would see in the news paper giving the title of the article. The size and color can be altered by using the correct code combinations. It really is simple once you understand where to add the code and what it is.

I have created two videos and a PDF giving the exact instructions on how to add Header tags to your website. Go to Website Products For Homestead Users
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