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Optimization For Homestead Websites-Part 1

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In this beginning series about optimization for Homestead Websites I am going to focus on three keys. Optimizing a website is a very involved task that requires an immense amount of study but the results eventually will be worth the effort. The internet is loaded with information about how to get better search engine results but the Homestead website program has some features that armatures are not aware of that will help them. I will reveal a few of the basics that will help get you off on the right track.

1) It is important to determine three keyword phrases that you feel people will use when searching for the information that you have on your page. This is how search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN determine what your placement will be. When your keyword phrases match what the seeker is trying to find the search engines pair them up and your chances are increased to be found. There is a term called SERPS, this term defined means "search engine results pages." The better your pages are optimized for your keywords the higher up your ranking will be

2) Your content should have no less than 300 words, 500 to 800 is even better. Your keyword phrases should not be over used in the content. If they are used to many times within a certain amount of content the search engine spiders will not process your page.

3) When choosing your phrases try to limit them to two or three words each. If you can be specific with your descriptions the better your chances of success. What I mean is, if your website is about MP3 players, your chances are better if your keyword phrase says Black Mp3 Players, rather than Mp3 players.

When studying about optimization for Homestead websites I recommend that you purchase the SEO Extreme Video Series. The teachings can be found on the Homestead Users website or click on the banner top right on this page. It is specifically for Homestead Website optimization.

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